With over 800 million users, Facebook is the number one social networking site on the Internet. Studies indicate that the average Facebook user spends over four and a half hours per month on the site, but there is also evidence that a high percentage of users spend at least that much time on Facebook every day. With these figures it is becoming more imperative by the day to ensure that your business has a Facebook presence, but it’s also becoming more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Many people believe that they are stuck utilizing only the basic Facebook template, but there is actually a lot of room for creating a custom Facebook page. Several big businesses have utilized a custom Facebook page to incorporate their name branding material, and it is also common for such businesses to run contests via a customized page.

Whether you branch out into creating a customized page or simply decide to undertake some basics tips to make the typical template more eye-catching, creating a Facebook page for your business should be an essential piece of your marketing plan. All Facebook pages, however, should follow some basic guidelines.

Page Name: When you pick your Facebook page’s name make sure that you don’t make any typos and that you select the name that is the most representative of your company. In other words, if your company is often referred to by two different names, select the one that is used by the majority of your customers. If you make a mistake you can’t fix it, so double check the name before you commit to it.

Customized URL: Once you have 25 fans, you can select a custom URL. Make sure that you select a URL which uses your company’s name, but isn’t too long to remember.

Post Engaging Content and Always Respond to Others: Posting regular content that relates to your business is a great way to catch the attention of current or potential customers. Make sure that you respond to all questions, and if a negative comment is left take the opportunity to professionally handle the complaint.

By following these guidelines your Facebook page will become a good source of sales, and it will also keep you in your customer’s minds. Facebook pages have become essential for marketing and since they’re free every business should have one.

How has Facebook helped your business? Do you think you can or should be spending even more time reaching out to your “Fans “?