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Voice search: a shifting paradigm

As the internet continues to evolve at such a rapid rate, the way that people search for and interact with information is evolving at the same speed. With virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, consumers are empowered to use their smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices to search for information on the internet—but when they do so, are they finding their answers on your website? Or on a site that’s been properly optimized for voice search functionality?

Far too often, the latter is true. Because while SEO has long been a part of the average company’s marketing strategy, voice search optimization has only recently entered the scene. As a NJ-based search engine optimization agency, we specialize in building SEO gameplans that accommodate both the structured, one-word keywords of previous strategies as well as the future of voice-optimized SEO: conversational, action-oriented phrases that come up in everyday life. Our SEO team will help your business generate new, voice-search optimized keywords and earn you better rankings.

Voice-search optimized webpages

Content that is easily digestible and highly accessible usually performs better—not only for the people reading it but for those using voice search to find information, as well. When people search using voice-enabled technology, they’re speaking in conversational syntax, using familiar words over technologically advanced terms, and often describing the concept more so than naming the exact word.

This means that planning out your keyword strategy just got a little more complex: not only are you pinpointing terms that people would naturally type into a search bar but also longer phrases that someone might say aloud while driving to work or cooking dinner. Content creation companies with experience in SEO research and implementation will be better able to optimize for this new phase of voice search, while maintaining performance across your other search channels, as well.

FAQ pages

The gap between the keywords we type and the key phrases we say isn’t always easy to bridge. One way across is with an FAQ page that houses important questions—the kind that people often say aloud in organic conversations. This allows you to account for typed keywords throughout your site content as well as long-tail keywords that are best-suited toward voice search functionality.

Many businesses often overlook long-tail keywords, favoring short phrases instead. And though these may be simpler, they don’t always capture the authentic ways in which we think and speak. A team of SEO strategists can help you rank for all of your most popular keywords, from one-word terms to full-length sentences. Researching questions that your business and industry competitors are often asked then providing information answers on an FAQ page is a great place to start.


By 2022, more than half of all households are projected to own a smart speaker. *

*Reported by Impact Plus
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