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Why technical SEO matters

When launching an SEO marketing strategy, everything that happens behind the scenes is just as important as what the end-user sees. In fact, in terms of actually getting your content to that user, the back-end SEO strategies are perhaps even more important. From implementing keywords and title tags to properly crawling your website, our team of full-service Search Engine Optimization strategists will take care of everything you need to achieve peak performance.

Optimizing core metrics

When ranking your website’s quality, Google uses a number of important metrics. Optimizing your SEO performance relies, in part, on your performance across these categories. An experienced SEO marketing agency can help you improve your website’s mobile functionality, load speed, visual stability, browsing and HTTPS security, and the end user’s overall experience, all of which improve your SEO ranking.

Without a team of experts on your side, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to identify and then correct the primary issues with your existing Search Engine metrics. But with an SEO agency like Semgeeks, these adjustments can be made swiftly and efficiently without disrupting your website functionality or business operations.

Website crawling

If your website is fully optimized and properly functioning, your customers should always be able to reach you. But when search engines try to locate your webpage and fail, these crawl errors can hinder your SEO ranking. In reality, they’re relatively easy to solve, but only if you come equipped with the right back-end expertise.

An experienced SEO agency knows exactly what to look for and how to correct any failed redirects or endless loops, leaving your users with a seamless digital experience and leaving you with better results.


increase in traffic by refreshing and reoptimizing old content*

*Reported by Impact Plus
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High-quality content

The content associated with your brand is endlessly important—it tells your story, attracts new customers, and communicates essential information. But your customers aren’t the only people that care about the content you put into the e-world. Google and other search engines care just as much, awarding SEO value for high-quality content that is unique, in-depth, and reliable.

Your SEO team will seamlessly manage your content production, including publishing long-form cornerstone content SEO blogs, eliminating any duplicate content out there clogging up your web traffic, and handling domain and handling parameters.


Sitemapping puts the web in world wide web, as each individual website is a complex collection of individual pages that link from one to the other and back again. To connect these pages for a seamless user experience, you’ll need a properly linked sitemap, including the various pages, videos, images, files, and forms across your site. There are many moving parts at play here and only an expert in technical search engine optimization (SEO) can implement the kind of sitemap you need.

This allows users to discover the full spectrum of your website from a search engine and navigate between the important pages once they’ve landed on your site. Beyond a well-crafted user experience, site mapping boosts crawling capabilities

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