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Local SEO for widespread growth

Most consumers are utilizing search engines on their mobile devices. Search engines, like Google, realized that many of these on-the-go consumers are looking for products or services near them. In fact, more than half of Google searches have local intent; and local searches have a higher chance of converting. With that said, if your business has a physical location you need to start leveraging your locality for optimization.

Local listings

Similar to organic SEO, backlinks are a major component in local search. Our SEO team uses Yext, a community management platform, to help manage all of your business’s local listings. After centralizing your data and ensuring that your business information is correct across existing channels, our team will start submitting your website link to various web directories. These local submissions will help your website appear on multiple business directories, add to your backlink profile, and improve your ranking.

Backlinks rule

In a nutshell, backlinks, also referred to as incoming links or inbound links, are created when one website mentions another website, linking back to your webpage. And what factor increases Google ranking the most? The answer is--you guessed it--backlinks. It's like a voting system to boost confidence for a webpage. The more links your website has, the higher your webpage will rank on Google's search engine organically. Acquiring high-quality and relevant backlinks is inherently valuable and imperative for an effective SEO strategy.


of users search online for local, physical business locations*

*According to Safari Digital
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