Facebook Pages have changed a lot since their inception. For now, the “Like” button is what’s hot. But getting people to “Like” your company page is only the beginning. In order to keep people coming back and turn potential customers into paying customers, you have to interact with your Facebook fans.

Standing Out From the Crowd
The way you interact with people on Facebook determines whether or not your Page stands out from the enormous crowd of other business Pages. Though most companies have a Facebook presence these days, it’s those with an active, interesting Page that are going to get the most visits. Taking the time to actively respond to your fans keeps you front and center in their minds when they need the products and services you offer.

Wide Visibility
In recent years, Facebook’s “Wall” feature has evolved from a catch-all feed of everything from status updates to app interactions to a customizable news feed that refreshes in real time. When you interact with your fans, they’ll return the favor by commenting and sharing things from your Page, all of which shows up in their friends’ news feeds. Depending on each user’s settings, a single interaction could generate thousands of potential leads.

Building Personal Relationships
While interacting with customers face-to-face is still the best way to build relationships, interacting with your Facebook fans can lay a similar foundation. Customers want to feel like they know the people behind the business they’re dealing with. When you’re personable and approachable on Facebook, you create that feeling for both potential and returning customers.

Generating Links from Fans
One of the most beneficial changes that Facebook has made for businesses is giving users the ability to link other profiles in their own status updates. Instead of simply saying they had a great meal at your restaurant, for example, your Facebook fans can directly link your business Page in their status, giving their friends an opportunity to click through and view the Page.

Positive Feedback
As a business, you want your customers to be happy. Happy customers are more than willing to tell others about the positive experience they had in dealing with your company. Frequent interactions on Facebook remind your customers of these experiences and keep them coming back.

Interacting with customers on Facebook means going beyond the “Like” button to create a meaningful, ongoing dialog. Establishing your social media presence as friendly and helpful encourages users to share your Page with others, thereby generating new leads and increasing the potential for profitable conversions.