Hiring a digital marketing agency to design and build your website is a smart idea if the main purpose of your site is to increase traffic and leads. The reason for doing this is to have a website that is effective. Agencies that only build websites may produce some great stuff, but they aren’t focusing on your conversion goals. Marketing-minded developers will give you a beautiful website that also increases sales.

If you are in need of a freshly built website, check out these five reasons why you should work with a digital marketing agency to get the job done.

Marketing Experience From Day One

That small web design company you’re considering working with may do good work, but there’s probably only one or two people who will be working on your site. With an internet marketing firm, there’s an entire team viewing your site from all angles: copywriters, designers, developers, project managers, etc. Each person has relevant experience and offers a fresh perspective.

Conversion Goals are the Focus

Your conversion goals need to be considered during the initial planning stages. Your website can look as lovely as you want, but if it’s not effective, it won’t help you bring in the traffic, leads and conversions you’re counting on. A digital marketing agency will ensure that your site is built to your conversion goals, whether that be generating qualified leads or closing sales.

Calls to Action are Included

To help you achieve your conversion goals, calls to action will be included on your website. Design firms know how important CTAs are and how to make them effective. The developers working on your site will test the placement, colors, fonts, messaging, etc. to ensure that your offers get the strongest results.

User Interface is Kept Simple

Users prefer clean, simple websites that are easy to navigate. Some web companies go above and beyond to make the design look great, but they don’t take into account how visitors use and obtain information. A website built by an internet marketing firm may take a subtler approach with design options, but you can bet that the navigation is seamless.

SEO is Accounted For

It’s essential that SEO is taken into account when building a website. A web building agency typically has limited knowledge on SEO, and this can make it difficult for people to find your new site. Web design agencies who have marketing teams on hand understand the ins and outs of SEO and will build a website with all of the SEO best practices in mind.  Creating, redesigning or migrating a site to a new platform by developers who know nothing about SEO could be deleterious for your ranking positions.


As you research web design agencies to partner with, take your time viewing their past work experience and the types of goals they’ve helped other clients achieve. Many agencies share their work and testimonials directly on their website, allowing you to see which marketing agency is best for your needs.