Marketing campaigns require a lot of time, effort and money, but what ultimately makes visitors convert into customers is often a mystery. Thanks to research from companies like Marin Software, we’re learning more about the small details that make users more likely to be engaged and convert into loyal customers.

In a recent white paper titled, “The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search and Social Advertising,” Marin Software explored whether an integrated search and social advertising strategy could lead to better results when explored as separate channels. Here’s what the research found.

  • Customers were more than twice as likely to convert when clicking on both the search and social ads compared to customers who clicked on the search ad only.
  • Users who clicked through both the search and social ads had a click through rate that was four and a half times higher than users who clicked on social ads only.
  • Users who clicked on both search and social ads contributed four times more revenue per click compared to those who clicked on the social ads only.
  • Search campaigns that were managed along with social ad campaigns had 26 percent more revenue per click than campaigns managed alone.
  • The integration of ad campaign management for both channels saw 68 percent higher revenue per conversion when managed with social advertising.

So what can we learn from this information? Focusing on the customer is more important than focusing on the channel. When marketers focus too much on the channel, their attention is geared toward using the right keywords and getting the best bids. Along the way, the needs of the customer are lost. The best approach is to find the strengths of each channel to reach the intended audience.

Think of yourself as the customer. What ultimately makes you likely to convert? When you see that a brand has established a strong reputation, a good product and a trustworthy image through multiple channels, you’re more comfortable buying from that brand. A multi-channel approach leads to improved click through rates, brand recognition and revenue. The good news is that the solution is simple: the integration of search ads with social.