You can’t deny the power of inbound marketing. Customers are smarter and more confident about what they want. Some purchases are impulse buys, but many others are well-researched before they are made. By this point, the customer is on a direct path to buying what they want, and it’s up to you to be there at the right place and the right time.

One of the best ways to nurture a customer through the purchase journey is through paid search. When a PPC campaign is set up properly, the ads will be shown to the customer at the right time, with a message that speaks to them. This puts your brand front and center.

Let’s talk a little more about why PPC should be part of your 2015 digital marketing strategy.

Ads are There When Users Search

American adults spend much of their awake time on the Internet. You can see how the time adds up quickly; mobile devices are utilized on the morning commute, during break and lunch times, at home and even simultaneously while on the computer. PPC ads will make your brand visible by showing up when users are searching for related products. If anything, your brand gets a visibility boost and some recognition.

Messaging Can be Changed

PPC ads use targeted messaging to engage the right audience. Paid search tools like ad customizers allow you to create automated and real-time messages that are directed to certain segments of your audience. You can even include site links and extensions to provide customers with useful information. Real-time messaging is especially useful for time-sensitive events such as free shipping promos and one-day sales.

Specific Audiences Can be Targeted

Not only is messaging important to your brand’s advertisements but so is the option to target certain audiences. For instance, if your store is running a weekend sidewalk sale, you don’t want to pay to have the ad shown to people outside your local area. Instead, you can target the ad so that it’s shown to people within a certain geographical location. This way, you reach the right audience and maximize ROI.

It Boosts Other Marketing Efforts

Marketing tactics have a way of complementing each other, and it makes sense why. In the customer journey, the person often reaches the brand multiple times before making a purchase. They may see an advertisement in a magazine, look up the company on the Internet and then interact with them on social media. By using paid search, you’re automatically enhancing your other marketing channels.

PPC is a great marketing tool that will enhance your 2015 digital strategy and help reach customers at the right point in their buying journey.