If you have a business in New Jersey, you definitely need to do everything you can to stand out from the competition. In such a compact environment, businesses are running on top of each other vying for customers. One of the best ways for small business to differentiate itself from its competition is through online communication.

Any New Jersey SEO company that has done Internet marketing in NJ for substantial period of time will tell you that content marketing is key in the modern online business environment. The major search engines have improved their algorithms so much that it is not worth the time spent trying to game the system – the easiest way to gain long-term visibility online is to simply create great content that keeps people coming back for more.

The more comments that you have on your content, the more stickiness that you will have on your website. The secret is to create content that people will comment on. This initial attention will draw the attention of new customers. Your business will then be able to build on itself.

Although hiring a New Jersey SEO company to perform your Internet marketing in NJ is always a great move, if you must create your content in-house, here are a few tips that you can take to increase the amount of comments that people leave.

One – Talk about up-to-date topics. The Internet is full of information, and the places that people go to receive this information disseminate it quickly. Stay on the cutting edge of your industry and you will soon find a loyal audience salivating for the latest update that you come out with.

Two – Engage your audience personally. If you see that you have loyal customers that comment on your content a great deal, address them personally. Empower them to invite others to your website and they will become your most loyal advocates. One of the best ways to empower the most loyal members of your audience is to make then the administrators of your social networking efforts. Call it the modern fan club.

Three – Link to other valuable resources.

You should not try to disseminate all of the information that you receive yourself. This will create a cluttered webpage that will turn customers off rather than invite them to comment. It is much better to give a unique take on a particular news story and simply link to the relevant resources.