Currently, there are several platforms that businesses can utilize to run a paid ad campaign. Each one has its unique strengths, features, and ideal audience. For instance, with the Home & Garden industry, Facebook ads is likely the best option available. 

But why is it the ideal paid ad portal for this specific industry?

Here are some reasons you should consider. 

A Massive Audience

For starters, there are approximately 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook. If you want to drill down more specifically, the Home and Garden category alone has an interested audience of approximately 1 billion users.  

With so many daily users, you can ensure that your ads get seen by large swaths of the Facebook community. 

But what truly makes Facebook ads the optimal place for the Home & Garden industry is the ability to conduct hyper-targeting. 

Unparalleled Targeting 

Unlike other platforms, Facebook’s advertising focuses on providing ultra-specific targeting, allowing you to drill down into the specifics of what type of person will see your paid ad. Facebook makes it possible to target users on a granular level using factors like:

  • Interests – Targeting by interest makes it possible to reach users who have already shown an interest in topics directly or indirectly related to home and gardening. Today, the top Home & Garden interest categories include:1
    • Lowe’s – 18,595,020
    • Flower – 473,514,560
    • Furniture – 614,046,470
    • Home – 868,808,550
    • IKEA – 115,980,264
    • DIY ethic – 22,076,970
    • Air conditioning – 204,946,940
    • Urban horticulture – 554,730
  • Demographics – Is your average consumer a mid-50’s, white, middle-class woman? If so, you can narrow your search parameters to this specific audience according to various categories, such as:
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Relationship status
    • Education
    • Job title
  • Shopping behavior – Has a person made a recent Home & Garden purchase through Facebook? You can direct your ad campaign toward ready-to-buy consumers. 
  • Country and region – Users in certain areas may be more interested in Home & Gardening activities than others.   

Two Types of Post 

Facebook also lets you decide what type of ad you want to run. Currently, there are two primary types of paid ad. They are: 

  • Sponsored post – This appears directly in the Newsfeed. A user can see the ad as they scroll through their feed, and the ad will look nearly identical to a normal post from a friend. 
  • Right-hand column ad – This type of ad is smaller and more obviously a promotion. Most marketers will lean on right-hand column ads for retargeting purposes. 

As you plan and tailor your campaign to your product, goals, audience, and budget, you can utilize both ad types to drive the most value. 

Powerful Analytics 

Facebook is known for its native analytics platform Facebook Insights. Armed with this tool, it becomes much easier to review a campaign’s efficacy. Over time, you can leverage this data to identify both your best-performing and worst-performing posts, compare and contrast them, and then optimize accordingly.   

Semgeeks—Adwords Agency, NJ 

Do you want to get the most out of your Facebook ads campaign? Then let Semgeeks go to work. Our team of paid ad experts can work with you to craft a Facebook Ad campaign that increases the visibility of your Home & Garden business and drives sales. 

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