Even with billions of daily active users on Facebook, it’s difficult to get your posts seen by the right people. Because posting alone isn’t enough, Facebook ads have become an essential part of social media marketing.

Ads are used to drive people to your Facebook page and then to your website for increased engagement and sales. Yet with so many ways to create ads on Facebook, how do you know which one is right for your company? Well, let’s find out!

The Facebook Video Ad

With more than 100 million hours of video watched each day on Facebook, it’s safe to say that video ads are more engaging than static posts. Although they are more likely to be noticed, video ads still have a lot of competition. To be successful, your video ad should be relevant, valuable and include a call to action.

The Photo Ad

The photo advertisement is the most popular type of ad on Facebook. Follow the same rules as with your video ads: good visuals, an enticing CTA and relevant information. Also make sure that your photo is set at 1200×628 pixels or it will get cropped.

The Multi-Product Ad

Multi-product ads allow you to feature multiple products in a single ad. In fact, you can promote just about anything, such as blog posts, webinars or ebooks. Just be sure to follow a consistent scheme so that the ad feels cohesive.

The Local Ad

If you have a physical location that you want to drive foot traffic to, this ad is for you. The key to making local ads successful is that you must target your audience precisely. Use the targeting tools to show your ads to people within a certain distance from your store.

The Offer Ad

The offer ad is a newer type of Facebook ad that allows you to promote a discount for your product that can be redeemed on Facebook. This makes the buyer journey more simple and streamlined since the user can claim the offer without having to leave Facebook.

The Event Ad

If you want to promote an upcoming event, the event ad will get the news out for you. The CTA on these ads typically sends uses to the ticket page where they can sign up. Be sure to include the price, date and a CTA to purchase the ticket on your ad.

The Retargeting Ad

A retargeting ad is shown to people who you have previously identified. To start, upload your email list into Power Editor to make a custom audience. Your ads will be shown to this audience only (those who have shown interest in your product but did not convert).

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to get your brand noticed by the right audience. It should be used in tandem with your organic posts so that you have a constant flow of traffic visiting your Facebook Page and website. With so many ad types to try out, we’re confident you can find something that works for your brand!