Are you having trouble getting links to your content?

Some forms of content are more likely to attract links than others. Identifying this content will help you create a more successful link building strategy. Always test your content to see what your audience likes best.

For now, here are the different forms of content that contribute to a healthy link building strategy.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is a popular form of content because it’s more engaging for users. Some of the most popular forms of interactive content are quizzes, calculators and multiple choice surveys. Aside from the fun that interactive games provide, users enjoy receiving personalized results and scores.

Interactive content is more costly to develop, so you can’t use it all the time. But when you do, you can achieve a lot. You’re able to deliver a lot of information at one time and in a format that appeals to everyone. To ensure quality links, keep your design clean and stick to your brand story.

Long Form Content

Long form content packs a lot of information into a single piece of content. It may not be as visually attractive as other forms of content, but it has the ability to get links. The reason for this is the in-depth, relevant information that educates readers. Long form content can also be promoted over a long period of time, so you don’t have to worry about it being an immediate hit. To build authority over time, long form content is the way to go.

Static Images

Static images refer to images that remain still, such as what you see in an infographic or series of images. Even though there is an oversaturation of infographics, they are still useful content pieces. Just be sure that you are sharing relevant, worthwhile information that your audience will benefit from.

Unlike interactive content, static content is cheaper to produce and doesn’t require a developer. The content can be uploaded to your site and shared on your social media sites. Infographics are more likely to go visual, and when they do, they are easy to keep track of.


GIFs strike a balance between interactive content and static content. They are fun and engaging for users, and they won’t cost you a ton of money and resources. GIFs are easy to create and upload to your website and social pages – no complex coding necessary. Plus, GIFs automatically play, so there is no effort required by the user. GIFs are valuable when it comes to link building, sometimes getting just as many links as interactive content.

When developing a successful SEO link building strategy, you’ll need supporting content that drives traffic and engagement. Hopefully, these four content suggestions will help you in producing link-worthy content that will get your brand noticed!