Just a few days ago, WordPress announced the release of version 4.1 of its software, which can be downloaded or updated directly from the WordPress dashboard. The new version of WordPress is named Dinah after jazz singer Dinah Washington. Along with a new default theme, WordPress has included several new features that are designed to help you efficiently create compelling content.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features you can find in 4.1.

New Default Theme

Each new year, WordPress launches a fresh theme. This year, they describe the 2015 theme as a “blog-focused theme for clarity.” Sounds to be a winner, doesn’t it? The purpose of this theme is to put content front and center while reducing clutter. The content can be viewed by readers using any screen size or device.

Distraction Free Writing

Few people are able to sit down and write a piece of content without being distracted. But as any good writer knows, distraction cuts into productivity and efficiency. To help with this, WordPress 4.1 has added a distraction-free writing mode that triggers as soon as you start typing. Everything else fades away and returns when you stop writing. No, it won’t distract you from jumping on Facebook or Twitter, but it will help remove the WordPress clutter that is non-essential to writing.

Additional Features to Look For

WordPress 4.1 has added a few other neat features to make 2015 content more exciting. Vine videos can now be embedded into any post. Simply copy and paste the link directly into the blog post. There are new recommendations from the plugin tool to help you navigate the best plugins for your needs. And, if you sign into WordPress on multiple devices, you can now log out from all devices in one click. Finally, you’re able to switch to any language from the General Settings screen.

Well, that’s it for now. What other features are you excited to see in 4.1?