Customer relationship management (CRM) systems let you manage all of your school’s relationships and interactions. It’s powerful technology that allows you to transform your admissions efforts, streamline contact with prospects, and automate parts of your follow up process. CRM systems collect an incredible amount of data, so you might not always be sure what to gather from it.

Below I share the most important information to obtain from your CRM and what you have to learn from it.

  • Deal forecast. This report gives you an estimate of the monetary value of the prospects in your funnel. It also considers where in the pipeline the leads are and how likely they are to convert.

  • Sales performance. This report gives you a basic summary of the recruitment process, including how many leads have been generated, which leads have been assigned to team members and progress made in the follow-up process.

  • Productivity. This report lets you see every action that has been taken by your team members, such as phone calls, meetings, and emails. Everything is logged according to a specific time period.

  • Deal closed vs goal. This chart gives you a graph of deals closed, or in your case, enrollments. The enrollments will be compared to the target goal.

  • Recent activity. The recent activity feed shows the latest actions taken by your team members. Results are delivered in chronological order.

  • Online form performance. Your CRM system may provide you with online form performance, which is real-time data that tells you how successful your website’s forms and landing pages are at capturing leads.

  • Email performance. As with landing pages, you can get a similar report for your emails and their successes, including open rates, click through rates and unsubscribes.

  • Marketing performance. If you want to view your marketing performance over time, this report will give you the information you’re looking for. It’s general and broad but a great way to show growth over time.

There is a lot of information tucked into your CRM system! By knowing what reports to run and what information to review, you can be more successful in your marketing campaigns. Personalized, real-time information is what students like best!