The New Jersey State League of Municipalities is a voluntary association that is designed to help local communities do a more efficient job at self governing. Through information, new law updates and practical examples, local officials throughout the Garden State know where to come for up-to-date information and tools that help them make the best decisions for their municipality.

Recently, the League established a technology management relationship with New Jersey Government Management Information Sciences (NJ-GMIS). In lieu of October being Cyber Security Month, the state’s organization of government technology leaders offers several recommendations for mayors. It’s essential that all organizations utilize strong security methods to protect their employees, as well as the integrity of the organization.

Below are a few tips from NJ-GMIS.

  • Give your employees a brief rundown on the basics of cyber security. A “Getting Started” pamphlet is available in PDF format and can be emailed or printed off for employees.

  • How do you know if employees read the pamphlet? Give them a Power Point quiz! Don’t worry, it’s plenty of fun, and employees can test their knowledge regarding cyber security. The test is great for parents and kids, too.

  • October may be official Cyber Security Month, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten the other 11 months. Recognize the importance of cyber security using this template that can be modified to fit your needs. You can also make note of your support of cyber security on your Facebook page.

  • The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) is a federally funded research center that offers guidance and support on cyber security risks. For municipalities that manage their own technology, the resources available from this organization are highly informative. Learn how you can join the organization at no cost by visiting their site.

At the 98th Annual Conference in November, NJ-GMIS members are supporting the League with technology sessions. Additionally, organizations that have questions regarding cyber security or technology can contact the NJ-GMIS, as they now serve as the League’s technology management support organization. State organizations can also join the NJ-GMIS to be more involved with information technology updates. Learn more about this new partnership by visiting the site at and be on the lookout for a SEMGeeks representative at the conference at booth number 0551 from November 18-21 in Atlantic City, NJ.

We are all working together to keep New Jersey organizations going strong!