In the business world, finding new ways to market yourself and your company is critical. Many business professionals and entrepreneurs have discovered the power of social networking sites when it comes to marketing their services or products. While many professionals are spending most of their time on sites like Facebook and Twitter, another social network actually has more potential for business professionals. LinkedIn is a social media site that makes it possible to network with other professionals in a specific area and develop relationships that can provide results.

What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a social media site that allows professionals to create profiles and network with other people. Users can fill out information in their profile that is similar to creating a resume. They can join networks and develop contacts, in much the same way as other social networks. Users also have the ability to join groups and interact with other people in specific fields or areas of interest.

Developing Relationships
One of the biggest advantages of using this social network is that it makes it possible for users to develop ongoing relationships. When someone joins the network and starts to interact with other people, they have the ability to talk to them about important issues and provide service. Through these interactions, it is possible to develop ongoing relationships that can lead to further business engagement. For example, when someone needs a Web designer, he may be inclined to go to his list of contacts on the site and look for a Web designer that he has some experience with. This is often much more effective than simply going to the phone book and looking up Web designers.

Bring Traffic
Another advantage of getting involved with this social network is that it can provide traffic directly to a business site. Within a person’s profile on the site, a link to his business website can be included. By including this link, it provides a way for other people in the network to find the user’s business site. In many cases, this can boost the traffic of the business website and bring in interested potential clients.

This particular social network is not a magic bullet that will completely change the way companies do business overnight. However, it can be a useful tool when it comes to networking with other professionals who could potentially swing some business the user’s way at some point in the future. Users who choose to get involved in their online communities and make a difference helping other people are typically the ones who have the most success.