Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites today. Recently, it revealed a brand new feature for iOS and Android called Facebook App Center. There has been much buzzing over this topic, with many people still wondering exactly what this new App Center is and for what purposes it is used.

App Center includes 600 applications that are directly related to the hugely successful social networking website. Essentially, all of the apps within the Center are free and can be quickly downloaded to your device, just as you can with Apple’s iTunes on the iPhone or with the Windows Phone Marketplace to a Windows Phone.

App Centers – Many Different Categories

App Center apps fall under many different categories, including games, music, entertainment, productivity and lifestyle. The Center is meant to make it easier to locate any one of many apps in which the user may have an interest. It is also easy to find and install them directly on your iPhone or Android smartphone. These same apps exist on the social networking website. App Center is generally meant to consolidate all apps from Facebook into a single place, which in turn makes locating the apps you want considerably easier than having to search for them on Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play.

Applications that are included within App Center are Draw Something, Nike+ GPS, Words With Friends, Pinterest and iHeartRadio. As the development of app quality within the App Center is still ongoing, user access will be gradual, with initially only users in the United States actually having access to it.

Two Versions of App Centers

App Center will have two versions, one for smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms and another online via computer. In the latter, there will be a method of getting an app you select directly on your phone.

One thing that separates App Center from other applications that are similar is that it is generally more user friendly and open as it is not meant for any one platform. Unlike Google Play or the App Store, it is compatible with more than one platform and very well may be available for others in the future. This is a great idea as many users of a smartphone of a particular operating system get frustrated that they cannot get access to certain apps because they are not available on their particular marketplace. Downloading the app of your choice is far more preferable to having to resort to doing so on your operating system’s application source as it gives you more freedom. With that being said, App Center could certainly prove to be a huge hit.