Digital marketing is changing all the time. It’s changing at a faster rate than ever. We think that it’s too easy to get caught up in the hype regarding this change and that change. So we’ve decided to take a step back and look at the big picture. What does the future of digital marketing hold?

The truth is that the trends in digital marketing are connected with the trends in eCommerce, so it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you need to take these future realities into account.

Mobile Only

Does anyone ever shut up about mobile marketing these days?

Are you getting tired of hearing about mobile this and mobile that? Then you’re not going to have a good time because we’re not going mobile friendly or mobile first. We’re going mobile only as 51% of digital media time is now spent on mobile.

Devices are getting smaller and more portable. It means we’re going to have to adjust to the fact that in the future, digital marketing will be all about mobile only on Google and social media.

It will be like the desktop computer never existed.

The Third Age of Marketing

Apparently, we’re on the tip of entering the so-called third age of marketing. What this means for us marketers is that everything you can think of will be connected to something. Smart technology is here and you’ll be able to communicate with your customers through practically everything. Yes, even house plants.

How you should prepare for this is through taking advantage of the physical things that can now connect. Digital marketing content just got even more personal.

Screen Saturation is a Real Problem

The interface on the screen is a trend these days. You can find them at McDonald’s and then even when you go home you are going to be looking at a screen. The screen seems to be the beginning of every new development, and it’s leading to screen saturation.

The idea of a screenless world is still a long way away, but the future of digital marketing is revolving around creating an invisible experience. It’s time to move away from the idea that a good user experience has to center on a user interface.

Granularity is the Next Phase of Content Marketing

Content is king and successful content marketing is the main method of communication on the Internet. Content now has to work harder to stand out. We know that even the best piece of content has a slightly diminished effect because it’s competing with thousands of other titles.

It’s going to force a natural change. If you’re a lazy marketer, you’re going to hate granularity. This is where you have the narrow your focus and spend more time on more niche pieces of content.

Search is All About Testing

Google has made a conscious effort to make it harder for the big brands to gain a monopoly. No longer are you going to have to compete for scraps from the table. But you will have to compete with anyone and everyone who opens a small business.

Matt Cutts has confirmed this new reality many times. This is the future of digital marketing that’s probably the closest to us. And that’s why you need to start making changes in this area now.

The most agile websites and the most dynamic strategies are going to win the day. Remember that content has to be personalized and the user experience has to change based on the person accessing the website at any given time. In short, you have to become Google via A/B testing.

Is it Getting Easier or Harder?

Marketers always want to know whether the current future of digital marketing means that life is going to become easier or harder for them. For a start, it’s going to become harder just because there are more people competing for the same number of eyes. But in many ways it’s getting easier just because you don’t have to worry about the monopolies of the big brands anymore.

To succeed in the next few years, you’re going to have to pivot fast. You can’t think about your strategy and then return to it six months later. It’s going to be a constant thing if you want to stay ahead of the game.

What do you think is the future of digital marketing? Do you agree or disagree with anything you’ve read here? Then tell us about it!