How can you build a relationship with your online customers? As technology increases, so must your presence on the Internet. Social networking is one of the biggest catalysts on the Internet. Creating a fan page on Facebook and allowing people to follow you on Twitter is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your customers. Your online clients can contact you via Twitter by sending you a direct message. In addition to Twitter, you can use Facebook to engage your customers. You can develop a new product and you can ask your customers for their opinions. They can voice their opinions of your Facebook page by allowing them to “Like ” your suggestions. They can comment on your wall posts and they can give you some tips on how to improve your product. Social networking is the most effective way to build relationships.

Another way to build a relationship with your online customers is giving them certain contact information. What type of contact information? Giving customers your personal e-mail address, telephone number and instant messenger names will build a personal relationship with them. You can have real-time conversations on instant messengers, such as Yahoo! Messenger, or services such as Skype. You can build a one-on-one relationship with many of your clients by talking to them on a personal level. Use this type of technology to your advantage. The more innovative you are with your client base, the more products you can sell. In addition, the more products you sell means the more money you make.

E-mail newsletters are another way to build relationships with online customers. Allow your customers to sign up for an e-mail newsletter. This is a popular way to introduce new products, updates and other information to your customers via e-mail. You can write your own personalized e-mails to all of your subscribers to the newsletter and this will build confidence in your client base.