Why Tech Companies are Moving to the Jersey Shore

Think back to the moment when you knew you wanted to be in the digital technology field. Technology changes so rapidly, it may be hard to pinpoint an exact time when you knew what you wanted to do, but you can probably recall moments in your past when you knew that computers or technology or advertising just felt right. And as you’ve watched these industries emerge and change the way businesses do business, you’ve probably become more driven to explore them.

Though working in this industry is appealing to many, some believe that if you’re not living in hungy high-tech states like California or New York, the job supply is limited. Yet as the economy recovers and advertisement opportunities strengthen, ad tech companies are finding that they can call any place home. These companies are changing the way businesses and customers interact with one another, and it’s obvious that small, local ad tech companies have a lot to gain.

In fact, more tech companies are moving to New Jersey and finding flourishing success. The Jersey Shore, in particular, offers unique opportunities for technology-driven businesses including our headquarters in Belmar as well as Cowerks, a co-working office, meeting and event space in Asbury Park whose mission is to provide a community hub for entrepreneurs, programmers, designers, and tech enthusiasts to turn to outside of New York City. This is why some are starting to refer to the Jersey Shore as the Silicon Valley of New Jersey.

Jersey Shore: Boardwalks, Beaches…and Technology

From Boston to Philadelphia there exists a long stretch of thriving technology, with main support coming from New Jersey. This is known as the Northeast Tech Corridor (NETC) that ecompasses about 30,000 square kilometers, interconnected by a robust transportation infrastructure.

Technological innovation is nothing new for the Northeast. It has deep historical roots that date back to the colonial period. After Thomas Edison’s industrial research lab was launched, it encouraged other inventors to come to the area. In the mid 1960s, Bell Laboratories invented the transistor, among countless other things. At the same time, RCA had evolved electronic television.

While it may be true that Silicon Valley propelled to the center of high tech in the 1980s, New Jersey did enjoy early success and is now opening its doors to up-and-coming ad agencies and technology companies that are located just blocks from the ocean. This is why some are now considering the Jersey Shore to be the Silicon Valley of New Jersey.

What Makes the Jersey Shore Ideal for Ad Tech

Let’s discuss a few of the reasons why more tech companies are coming to the Jersey Shore, and the opportunities that await.

Ideal Location

Thanks to the media, the Jersey Shore has earned a reputation for fist pumping, spray tans and late nights on the boardwalk. Sure, every city has their share of interesting folks, but the Jersey Shore has a lot more to offer than tan bodybuilders.

On the whole, the Jersey Shore is a beautiful place to work. You can enjoy the look of sandy beaches, hear the sound of rustling waves and witness the most gorgeous sunsets – which certainly helps when you’re stuck at the office extra late. The beach is just minutes away so you can stop by after work or during your break. It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing for your next ad campaign.

Another benefit to the location is that you’re nearby large cities like New York and Philadelphia, so it’s easy to get to important meetings and conferences. It’s not like you have to pay for a flight or leave at the crack of dawn to get there, and you can be back in the office by the afternoon. It’s the best of both worlds, really. Better yet, you get to leave the competitiveness of the city behind and enjoy a more relaxing work environment in Jersey Shore.

Heart of the Tech Industry

Naturally, there are large tech companies in places like New York, Chicago and California that can be intimidating, but the Jersey Shore has a history that is more impressive than any of these places. New Jersey is home to many small startups, and everyone gets along just fine. It’s not like a scene in New York where the ad agency next store is trying to rip the leads from right under you.

Here in Jersey, small tech companies support each other and hold their own when it comes to the bigger ad agencies. You’ll find many of them speaking at and attending local events and Chamber of Commerce meetings. Being involved with the local colleges is also important for local startups, and some recruit colleges and universities along the way, helping them perfect their own marketing programs.

Qualified Applicants

There is no shortage of colleges and universities in and around New Jersey, and many of them have a technology focus since they are nestled in the heart of the technology industry. Whether it’s Princeton, Rowan, Seton Hall or the New Jersey Institute of Technology, there is a lucrative opportunity for tech companies to strengthen their teams with highly qualified candidates.

Local tech companies see many applications come through their door from competitive and talented candidates who have earned their degrees from local business and technology institutions. Many of these applicants are native to the area and don’t want to go far, so it’s a good situation for them to flourish in their career while staying close to home.


You can think of the Jersey Shore as being the Silicon Valley of New Jersey. The opportunities are plentiful, prime real estate is available for office space and job applicants are highly qualified. Everything you could possibly need (or want) is right here in the Garden State. Plus, you can’t find a more supportive community that fosters growth and healthy competition. Perhaps that’s why it’s been the ideal place to grow our own business.