Designers and copywriters have a relationship that depends on each other. Essentially, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. One can’t exist without the other. Copywriters are responsible for providing engaging content that demands people’s attention, while designers build the entire framework that makes a great experience for the customer.

When designers and copywriters work together in harmony, the results are impressive. But, this isn’t always the case. Many times, designers and copywriters work side by side without coming together as a team. Today, we want to let designers in on a few secrets from the copywriting side of things.

Pretty Headlines Lead to More Clicks

Headlines are the first few words that people see. If they don’t look enticing, the content won’t be read or shared, even if it contains great information. So, it’s important for designers to make headlines look pretty and engaging so that people want to click on them. Of course, it’s up to the copywriters to ensure that the content is worth the read.

Flexible Design Keeps People Coming Back for More

Even if the first few pieces of content are good, this doesn’t mean the audience is hooked forever. Copywriters must still keep producing unique, engaging pieces of content, and the same is true for designers. Just because one design receives high praise doesn’t mean that the rest should follow the same profile. Designers need to keep their work fresh and interesting to keep people interested.

Holidays, Life Events and Time of Year Matter

A lot of content is shaped around things like the holidays, major life events or the current season, and the same can be true for design as well. Perhaps a bold red and green design wouldn’t work in July, but it would in December. Designers should always be thinking of bold, unconventional ways to grab their audience’s attention using things they can connect with at the time.

There’s Little Time to Wow People

The average person gives three seconds to a piece of content. That’s for the content itself and the visual design. This is why both copywriters and designers must stay at the forefront of trends and find new and creative ways to entice visitors and keep them coming back for more. Think in terms of a customer: what would make YOU take a second look?

At the end of the day, designers and copywriters share the same vision of inspiring and motivating people with creative, unique content and web design. A collective effort from both parties leads to better results, hands down.