SEMGeeks is excited to announce that we will be at the NCMPR National Conference in Las Vegas, Sunday-Tuesday, March 18-20. If you will be in the area, stop by and visit us! If you won’t, follow us on our social media channels for live updates. We look forward to networking with community college marketers and getting up to speed on the latest trends and technologies.

What is the NCMPR?

If you’re not familiar with The National Council for Marketing and Public Relations, we’re happy to fill you in! The NCMPR is one of the fastest growing affiliates of the American Association of Community Colleges. With over 1,550 members from over 650 colleges in the U.S., Canada, and other countries, the NCMPR has managed to be the only organization of its kind that represents marketing and public relations professionals from two-year colleges.

A Focus on Community Colleges

The higher education industry is often dominated by four-year colleges and universities, so it’s refreshing to attend events that are specifically designed for smaller, two-year colleges. Marketing and public relations professionals from vocational and community colleges are brought together through the NCMPR’s webinars, conferences and summer learning programs.

The biggest event for the NCMPR is held annually in March – the NCMPR National Conference. As part of the three-day event, thousands of community college marketers are brought together to listen to keynote speakers, participate in workshops and discuss the latest trends. It’s a rewarding three days, and this year, it all takes place in the city that never sleeps – Las Vegas.

Why We Attend Each Year

SEMGeeks will be attending the NCMPR National Conference to gain insight, collaborate with other industry professionals and strengthen marketing for our community college clients. Our digital agency specializes in higher education marketing and is proud to say that we’ve collaborated with over 60 schools across the country to date. We aim to drive the best results by implementing cutting-edge marketing tactics that understand the unique needs of today’s student.

When we return, our higher EDU marketing team looks forward to sharing what we’ve learned with you. In the meantime, we hope to see you at the NCMPR National Conference in Las Vegas!