Marketing for IT firms is a trickier task compared to many traditional businesses. The services the firm provides tend to be complicated and nuanced, which adds to the difficulty when creating comprehensive and clear messaging.   

Because of this, IT firms are increasingly relying on video content to boil down complex topics into easily digestible snippets.

So, how can you leverage video content effectively to introduce your IT solutions? Read our primer.  

IT Marketing Challenges

When it comes to selling their services, B2B IT companies face three primary marketing challenges:

  1. Growing web traffic 
  2. Getting qualified leads
  3. Hypercompetition  

And these issues are exacerbated by the fact that IT firms now offer more complex products and services, target new buyer personas, and tend to go through longer buying cycles than in the past.  

Because of this, IT firms must go above and beyond for their offering to stand out and make sense. To do that, they need to understand the target audience—their pain points, demographics, and messaging preferences—and then craft content that resonates. 

Why Is Video Effective? 

While most consumers are picky, business technology buyers are especially so. With so much on the line, you must establish yourself as a credible and knowledgeable expert in your field to instill trust into your audience and potential customers. The best way to do this is through informative, data-backed videos. 

To that end, videos can have a significant impact on the buyer’s journey because:

  • Consumers prefer video – When polled, nearly three-quarters of consumers (72%) report that they prefer video to text for receiving branded marketing information. 
  • The content is easier to remember – Studies have shown that viewers retain up to 95% of the information in a video compared to just 10% when reading it in text. 
  • It improves user understanding – 94% of polled marketers said that video content noticeably increased user understanding of a product or service.
  • Video does more with less – Video empowers brands to convey a more effective message in a shorter amount of time by utilizing sound, visual, and storytelling elements. 
  • Video performs better – Video content gets more exposure and engagement than any other type of content, especially on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.   

Types of Video Content It Firms Should Utilize

One of the advantages of video content is there are so many different types of videos you can produce. 

But what are the best types of video for IT firms that want to introduce their solutions? Let’s explore 5 below. 

#1 Explainer Videos

These short-form videos are an opportunity to explain complicated IT services, increase brand awareness, and let the consumer know what they can expect from your services. 

For example, if your firm offers PCI DSS compliance, you can create a quick video that hits on relevant topics, including: 

  • What is PCI?
  • Merchant vs service provider considerations
  • How your firm can champion PCI DSS compliance

#2 How-To Videos

How-to videos are one of the more popular forms of educational content. Viewers can follow these tutorials to receive a lesson on how to perform a certain task. For instance, an IT firm may put out a video surrounding how to implement GDPR compliant data retention policy. 

These types of videos showcase your expertise and provide viewers with valuable insights that bolster your reputation as a trustworthy and qualified authority within your industry. 

#3 Webinars 

Webinars are longer-form content that IT firms should leverage to dive deeper into pressing issues related to your industry and target consumers. Because they’re longer, they tend to be the perfect platform for establishing authority as an expert, building trust with consumers, and providing solutions to common pain points. 

#4 Case Studies 

Case studies demonstrate to consumers within the justification and evaluation stages of the sales funnel that you understand their pain points and have successfully helped other clients through a similar situation. 

Testimonials also have an unspoken weight behind the message because the speaker is implicitly putting their professional reputation on the line.  

#5 Thought Leadership Videos 

Thought leadership videos provide experts within your IT firm to demonstrate their expertise on a specific topic or share their unique perspectives on the industry as a whole. 

These videos can explore the pressing issues facing the IT industry, new technologies that may be expanding specific IT services, or common trends within your specific niche. 

Learn from the Video Pros at Semgeeks

Do you want to get the most out of your video content strategies? 

Semgeeks can help take your company beyond words. Whether you need help with concept development, video production, or strategic release, our content creation services team knows how to generate maximum exposure to your video campaigns.  

If you’re ready to amplify your online presence using video marketing, contact us today.  


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