When you want to launch a marketing campaign on Twitter, the most effective way to get things done is by using Twitter’s Promoted Tweets. Why? Because they are economical, easy to use and offer various targeting and ad-management tools that let you reach the right people at the right time.

The only problem is that making the most of Promoted Tweets can be tricky at times, especially since there is countless competition out there and millions of Twitter users. How can you cut through the noise and make an impact on your audience?

To better understand the answer to this question, Twitter looked at nearly 200,000 Promoted Tweets to uncover the best practices. Below are the most helpful tips for getting the most out of Promoted Tweets.

Keep ‘Em Short

Tweets are capped at 140 characters. You don’t have to use all 140, though. Rather than cramming everything into one tweet, use multiple ones. Tweets that are under 100 words see 18% more engagement, according to Twitter. The social site recommends using three to six Promoted Tweets per campaign.

Include Images and Videos

A tweet with an image or video can have a major impact on engagement – twice as much, in fact. Telling a story with rich media is best, so find ways to incorporate multiple images or several short videos over a span of multiple tweets. Consider that tweets with Vine media have 256% more interaction than those with a single picture, while tweets with multiple images have 173% more engagement than those with one image.

Utilize Advertiser Tools

Advertiser tools like Website Cards and Lead Generation Cards allow you to increase click-throughs by embedding web content and art. You can also add call-to-action buttons or link back to your website. Compared to a plain-text call-to-action and simple URL, Lead Generation Cards can increase engagement by 42%.

Responsiveness Matters

Tweeting is only half the battle. You need to be responsive and interact with your followers. This is how true engagement takes place because people will come back for more. Use Promoted Tweets to discuss key topics, start a discussion and find out what really matters to your audience. Twitter offers the advice of replying to tweets once throughout the week, but we recommend more. The appeal to Twitter is its real-time interface, so try to catch up with followers as much as possible.