A Super Bowl ad costs $5 million for a 30 second ad. These ads can be absolutely life changing for brands or they can become a routine ad produced each year. I was mostly disappointed with the recent trends in advertising for 2017. However, here are five that were worth the price tag:


LIFEWTR’s new art series premiered with a very aesthetically pleasing commercial. This commercial delivered some robust colors and paired it with award winning music. When the product is something as simple as bottled water, I think that you need to bring this type of showmanship into the equation. Incorporating art makes sense here.

4. Skittles

Skittles delivers a very clever commercial with little to no dialogue. Skittles is interesting in their advertising strategy by delivering consistent ads. They’re all clever, a bit quirky, and definitely strive to be weird.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Quirky Characters. Amazing Soundtrack. This commercial is all about fan service and we’re ok with that. Advertisers are always talking about understanding their audience and this trailer does a great job at that by not changing the formula. They’re marketing their product as if it were just more of the same movie.

2. Avocados From Mexico

Avocados From Mexico makes fun of the classic illuminati conspiracy theory and does an amazing job with dialogue. I definitely didn’t see this commercial ending the way it did and enjoyed the refreshing attitude it brought.

1. Stranger Things

One of the best shows on Netflix absolutely delivered for the Super Bowl. Starting with the throwback Eggo commercial is a phenomenal attention grabber. Even this short clip is packed with 80’s horror references from Ghostbusters to The Mist. Fans were immediately both overjoyed with what they saw and disappointed at how long they’ll need to wait for the premier.

That about wraps up our list. If you missed any of these ads, don’t worry, these advertisers have set some lofty budget on their youtube campaigns today. You’ll be seeing them everywhere for the next couple weeks!