One – Do not use the same anchor text for all links.

One of the most common grey hat link building techniques is to simply copy and paste link anchor text over and over again. Ever since the Google Penguin update, any New Jersey SEO agency can tell you that this is a strategy to avoid. Your website will be relegated to spam listings if the major search engine algorithms find large amounts of anchor text that are similar pointing to your website.

Two – Do not simply spam dead blogs and message boards with your links.

There is no reputable SEO company in New Jersey that uses this old technique anymore. the major search engines can now tell the difference between a dead blog and one that is alive. If you spam your links on dead blogs, your website will lose trust within the major search engines. This corresponds to lower search engine rankings and less visibility on the Internet.

Three – Do not exchange links with websites that are not relevant to your area of business.

The major search engines have updated their keyword optimization algorithms to a high level of sophistication. Major search engines can now tell the types of terms that should be related to each other. If you have a website on cat food, you should not link to a website about steel beam manufacturing simply to get your link count up. This is a strategy that will penalize your website within the major search engines.

Four – Do not spam links on popular message boards without first introducing yourself to the community.

In an effort to attach a website to high-quality, relevant websites, many an SEO company in New Jersey used to simply spam links on related message boards. However, most message boards have a “no follow ” policy encoded in their HTML as a default. This means that your website receives no link juice from another website, no matter how related your topics may be. On top of that, you will not endear yourself to the community by spamming your link on their message board. The links will most likely be erased and you will probably be banned from posting there and accessing that customer base.

Five – Do not rely on directories.

While still important, the importance of directories within the search engine algorithms has slightly diminished over the past few years, as any reputable New Jersey SEO agency can tell you. It is almost not worth it for a company that is looking for long-term viability to concentrate only on various directory submissions.