The average number of emails sent and received is 205 billion per day. Your email inbox will eat up a ton of time and effort when you’re trying to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Whether it’s trying to organize your huge unread list, or whether you just don’t have the time to go through your emails multiple times every day, you need some email add-ons to give you a hand. We have compiled a whole range of email add-ons that will work for your business, regardless of the niche you happen to be in.                                                


Most users these days are using Gmail because it’s easily one of the best free options. As far as Gmail add-ons go, Rapportive pretty much hits the mark every single time. This browser add-on switches out that terrible sidebar crammed full of ads with something that you can actually use.

The fact is content marketing has changed over time and now with this extension every time you look at an email, this sidebar will come up with important information. For example, let’s say you’ve opened an email from your mother. On the sidebar, you’ll get her picture, links to her social media, recent social media updates, and anything else you need to write something worthwhile.

It’s an add-on that works with all major browsers, such as Chrome and Safari. It integrates well with Gmail and now you’ll never have to look up the background of a person ever again. This will save you a lot of time and effort.


Find yourself constantly needing to check emails?

You’re not alone, but a characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is knowing how to deal with it. And the chances are it’s stopping you from being as productive as you’d like. AwayFind will help you to stop feeling bad about not checking to see if you have more urgent emails. This plugin will constantly inspect your email account to make sure that you haven’t got any important messages.

If you do have an important message, it will send you an SMS alert. This is your email inbox holding down the fort while you go about your business. You can even connect it up with instant messaging tools, such as Gtalk. It works with both iPhones and Androids.

To make this work, you need to set up filters for it. AwayFind will decide what is a priority and what isn’t based on the criteria you set up for it.  The best part about this is it will monitor your email account for free. You can pay to have it inspect more than one account.


For a great task management add-on, you should pick up ActiveInbox. It’s designed to make email management easy, specifically when it comes to Gmail. Instead of seeing an email as an email, this turns them into tasks. You can create some projects and goals, as well as adding notes to every email.

Think about it as turning Gmail into a ledger that you can write on. It’s a free email add-on for Chrome and Firefox. As long as your browsers work on your device, you can use this.


One of the biggest headaches that every businessperson has is that they receive an important email and then forget to reply to it. If you need time to think about your reply, this is where NudgeMail comes in. It will stop you from forgetting to reply to that email.

The definition of important is up to you, but NudgeMail will send you a rundown of the emails you have to reply to. One example of making this work is to send a message to or These are not email addresses they are commands. When the time comes, you will receive a notification.

It works with all email providers and has a huge number of integration features. For example, if you’re a fan of Google Calendar you can pair it up with that and get started.


This unfortunate add-on came up with a name that didn’t really give it the best impression. Since ‘Grexit’ was also the term used to refer to Greece leaving the EU, it has caused a fair bit of confusion. But it’s still a useful add-on to have, especially if you’re working as part of a team.

This is one of the simplest add-ons you can have. The concept is easy to understand. If you need to forward an email, you know how complex this can get. Grexit gives you a central location for where team members can access emails. In other words, it’s a unified inbox that multiple people can access.

The only downside is that it’s only available for Google Apps users.

Which of these email extensions will you use today?