A canvas collage for vibrant and creative images, Instagram has taken off as one of the largest social media platforms with nearly 600 million active monthly users. Just trailing Facebook and YouTube as the most visited social networking site, the visual app allows users to completely brand their business or personal feed through color coordinated images, high-quality photos, and unique visual opportunities. Instagram has become way more than a collage of photos – it has become a conglomerate of feeds that exuberates individual experiences by featuring eye-catching photos highlighting everyday life.

Our team members have searched far and wide for the trendiest Instagram feeds in the well-known, 20-somethings hot spot: Hoboken, NJ. Take a look at our picks and let us know if you agree!

Hoboken girls images.png

Hoboken Girl Blog

Perceived as the ultimate lifestyle feed, Hoboken Girl shines a spotlight on the best things Hoboken has to offer – from gluten free eateries to Hudson County trending topics, the eclectic account covers it all. We especially enjoy the great use of shapes, colors, and outdoor images that catch your eye.

“Be present on social media — post at least once per day. Social media, for many businesses, is a lifeline. For us, it’s how we attract people to our site. For businesses, it’s found that people are less often going to Google to search for something than they are searching Facebook or Instagram to find it, which is incredible. Consumers/followers want to know that you’re active and engaged in the community around you on social media (and in real life), which will in turn make them engage with you.” – Jen, Hoboken Girl

W Hotel.png

The W Hoboken

Pristine and polished, W Hoboken portrays elegance and class in its clean feed which highlights specialty drinks and unique hotel accommodations. The feed is consistent with capitalizing on shapes that enhance images to become attractive to the naked eye.

The Madison Bar.png

The Madison Bar & Grill

Located amidst the hustle and bustle on Washington Street, The Madison Bar and Grill offers a sophisticated, comfortable restaurant for families, professionals, romantic dinners, and more. With mouthwatering photos of food and humourous outdoor signs (“In dog beers, I’ve only had one!” is one of our favorites), the stylish restaurant is sure to impress.

@ The LB (Local Barre) (@localbarre) • Instagram photos and videos.png

Local Barre

With three locations in Hoboken, Local Barre is the ultimate boutique fitness studio that looks to transform bodies into feel good machines. Coined Hoboken’s Happy Hour of Fitness, Local Barre steps up their Instagram game with bright images, subsequently translating to motivation and determination – perfect for branding a fitness studio among its competitors.  

“Our goal with social media is to not only share information about the business but to create a community with our members. We do this by mixing up our content with articles, tips and recipes, and always with a focus on our mile square city. ” – Alexandra Generales, Local Barre

The Ainsworth.png

The Ainsworth

Named one of the most upscale sports bars by Business Insider, The Ainsworth offers flat-screen TVs, oak tables and leather seats, and American cuisine to satisfy your craving. It is evident that the eatery puts much focus on accentuating their handheld food to the best of their ability. With purposeful shading and playful angles in each and every photo, the tasty meals look appetizing and the atmosphere looks stunning.

bwè kafe.png

Bwè Kafe

Bringing the finest Haitian coffee to Hoboken, Bwè Kafe partners with La Colombe Torrefaction coffee roasters to serve a cup of freshly brewed joe to every customer. With a little bit of everything covered throughout their feed (coffee, technology, lifestyle, DIY, fashion), this coffee place keeps its photos both unique and clean.

The Taco Truck.png

The Taco Truck

With zesty tacos and tasty treats, The Taco Truck brings authentically crafted Mexican cuisine to the Hoboken streets. Bright, crisp photos of their menu items are displayed on their feed, as well as witty sayings regarding Mexican dishes.

“Instagram is the main player in The Taco Truck’s social media strategy because everyone loves looking at #foodporn! We are constantly listening to our followers, observing how they engage with our posts, and updating our tactics based on this feedback. What kind of shots are getting the most engagement? What angles? What time? What isn’t working? Listen, learn, and adapt!” -Aarti, The Taco Truck

Mint Market.png

Mint Market

A vintage and contemporary boutique, Mint Market is serving Hoboken “it” girls with the greatest fashion must-haves. Their Instagram account boasts the latest trends and styles while also embracing female empowerment. From promoting their retro glam clothing to sharing relatable quotes, there’s no wonder how Mint Market has gained fans outside of the United States.

“What we love most about social media is how it has allowed us to introduce a brand that women in JC & Hoboken love to the whole world! We now have customers all over the US, Europe & even Australia which would not have been possible if it weren’t for the power of discovery via social media. It has also allowed us to stay on the pulse of what is trending globally and curate for our customers based on what we think they will love.” – Kerry, Mint Market

Carlo s Bakery.png

Carlo’s Bakery

Primarily known for their hit show on TLC’s “Cake Boss,” Carlo’s Bakery expresses its love for food and famiglia through its feed of delectable sweet treats. Each image presented is of high-quality, bright, cheerful, and unique in content.


Little Hoboken

With suggestions on the perfect lunch date spots, deals for families in the Hoboken area, and recommendations on what to do over the weekend, Little Hoboken is a lifestyle blog that spreads helpful information to families looking for steals and deals. Their feed is filled with high-quality, everyday images that speak to the busy mom juggling young children and a social life.