Are you tired of Facebook contests that just don’t seem to work? Contests delivered on social media are great opportunities to interact with followers, grow your customer base and reach more people on Facebook. If you’ve launched several contests that just haven’t seemed to spark the level of interest you were hoping for, a few tweaks can make all the difference.

Let’s discuss the best practices to keep in mind as you start building your new and improved Facebook contest.

Use a Third Party Application

In order to comply with Facebook’s Terms of Service, you must use a third-party application to run the contest. If you’re running contests where users like or comment on a post to enter the drawing, you’re violating these terms.

Create Mobile Optimized Contests

It’s estimated that 30 to 60 percent of contest entries come from a mobile platform, so make sure that your app looks good on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Incorporate Like-Gating

Like-gating is an effective way to bring in new followers and expose your brand. Users must first “like” your page before they can enter the contest, a simple yet effective request.

Include Share Buttons

Just as you add share buttons to blog posts, you can do the same for your Facebook contests. This may encourage additional entries, and any shares will show up in the News Feeds, giving your contest more coverage.

Use Compelling Headlines

Contest pages should have brief, engaging headlines that draw in interest. Use bold font in a different color than the rest of your text. Also, include the prize in the headline: “Need a getaway this summer? Enter to win a 2-day stay to a Bed & Breakfast!”

Show Your Prize

People want to know what they’re entering the contest for, so make sure the prize is boldly stated or pictured at the top of the page. Or, take it a step further and use a high-quality video to explain how the contest works or what the prize will entail.

Promote the Contest

What good is a contest if you keep it under wraps? Promote your campaign by making a Facebook announcement, sharing it in a blog or adding it to your company newsletter. Don’t forget to post reminders as well.

Keep it Simple

In a clear font, display the dates of the contest. Request only the most basic contact information, such as a name and email address. Entrants should be able to get all of the information from skimming the page. More detailed information should go in the disclaimers.

When it comes to social media contests, there’s always some trial and error involved. Every company has a unique follower base as well as various factors that influence the drawing. When you discover the elements that lead to more entries, you can begin turning these entrants into leads, and eventually, long-term clients.