The advertising and marketing industry doesn’t come easy. Heck, a 60-second spot during the Super Bowl game cost advertisers a whopping $9 million. A 30-second spot cost $4.5 million. This isn’t small money for anyone, especially small businesses on a limited advertising budget. Yet just because you can’t spend millions on a television commercial doesn’t mean you don’t have something great to offer. The question is, how can you grow your small agency so that you can stand out even among the big guys?

Publish Fresh, Relevant Content

Don’t be intimidated by how much content is out there. When you find your niche, you will have no problem speaking to your audience and cutting through the noise. Develop a consistent voice and personality for your content. You are an expert in your field with unique perspective and experience, so your customers want to hear from you.

Create content that is valuable to your readers such as instructions on how to generate video content, tips for managing social media profiles and upcoming trends. There are endless channels to post your content to as well, allowing you to reach a larger audience.

Be on the Frontier of New Technology

Customers aren’t as hard to decode as we may think. Most are looking for the best value for their money. By adopting new trends and technologies, you can offer a better service that is more efficient and cost effective. For instance, apps and software are available for just about everything these days with the primary goal of streamlining processes. If you can deliver this efficiency at a price that’s right, you’ll have happier clients.

Outsource Certain Needs

You can’t do everything on your own, even if you want to. Part of being a business owner is being able to trust others. Additionally, outsourcing your needs can actually save time and money, so don’t be afraid to reach out to others for certain tasks. You can hire a freelancer on a per-project basis, allowing you to manage your budget. Outsourcing your needs not only leaves you more time for tasks around the workplace, but also it brings in fresh ideas and perspectives.

Expand Your Services

You can only do this if you have the necessary resources, otherwise you’ll end up more stressed. But, there are many services that complement each other and don’t require additional means. For instance, if you specialize in website building and design, you can easily offer content services as well. By providing more services under one roof, customers get more value and efficiency for the price.

It’s not always easy to stand out as an advertising or marketing agency, but a bit of creative, resourceful thinking combined with personalized customer service goes a long way in winning new clients and retaining old ones.