We’ve all been self-proclaimed font snobs at one point or another. That’s understandable. When you work in the world of creative design, it’s normal to see things through a different lens. The designer in you comes out, especially when browsing websites. It’s impossible not to notice the small details, such color palettes, white space and typography.

Because you admit that you are a font snob (and so are we), we thought it would be fun to share a few typographic games with you. Enjoy them whenever you need to recharge and release your admiration for fonts. Plus, most of these games are FREE (because we love free stuff, too).

The Rather Difficult Font Game

For a game with “difficult” in the title, it’s easy to play. However, guessing the font is harder than it looks. In the game, words, numbers and symbols are shown in various fonts. You have to guess the font. There are four options to choose from and a running score on the right side. Play the game for free on your computer or iPhone.


TypeConnection is a fun game that requires users to match up typographies based on their connections. The game refers to itself as a “typographic dating game” where your job is to be the matchmaker. The website is thoughtfully designed, with a page where you can “meet the daters.” Overall, it’s fun, relaxing and a great way to get yourself up to speed on the latest font types.


Type:Rider is an award-winning game because of its professional appearance and font integration. As you play the game, you’ll travel through 10 themed worlds that are influenced by the most popular fonts, including Helvetica and Garamond. You can play the game on your computer or iPhone/Android device starting at $2.99.


Typewar has a similar objective as The Rather Difficult Font Game. In this game, a letter is shown in a particular font, and you have to guess what the font is. The game is actually a bit more challenging because it uses a single letter as opposed to an entire word. Rather than having four choices, you are given just two. You can also skip the question if you can’t make a good call.


Most young designers have nothing good to say about creating clean rags. Surprisingly, Ragtime makes the job a bit more fun, and it teaches you how to clean rags quickly and efficiently. In the game, your role is to clean up paragraphs as quickly as possible while listening to some cheesy music. Play it enough and you’ll definitely improve your typography skills!

Whether you need to pass some time on your work break or start a new project, we hope these games will master your typography skills while having fun.