Plenty of people believe that boutique marketing is better. It’s innovative. Cutting-edge. Served straight from the “A” Team, each and every time. Unfortunately, many people also think that boutique marketing is expensive and has more limited resources compared to big agencies. It’s too bad that these people are missing out on what could be a great experience.

If you’re considering working with a marketing agency, I encourage you to check out all that a boutique agency has to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference this partnership can mean for your business.

Let’s discuss some of the biggest benefits to partnering with a boutique agency for your digital marketing needs.

“A” Team Service

One of the best perks to working with a boutique agency is that you get “A” Team service all of the time. This is because all members from the agency are top notch.

Boutique agencies know they have to set themselves apart from their competition, and they do this by bringing in the best talent they can find. They search high and low for candidates who have relevant experience, big ideas and energetic attitudes.

Small marketing agencies also recognize that because they are smaller, everyone must get along. That’s not to say that everyone has to agree all the time but instead that the flow is harmonious. Smaller agencies can’t afford to have cliques in the office. Their teams are collaborative and make it a priority to share ideas, exchange feedback and work together.

Large marketing firms do have great talent as well. However, they also have many more staff members working for them, so they can afford to hire a lot of different people. Additionally, larger firms tend to release their initial ideas from the “A” Team to wow new clients. Once the client signs on, the work is often transferred to the “B” list – or even the “C” list. This often results in an inconsistent delivery of work, something you may have seen for yourself.

Every Dime Counts

Boutique agencies are not necessarily more expensive. People think they are because larger firms have the budget to do more aggressive marketing. They may also have packages for clients to choose from, and the bare bones ones may look attractive from a financial perspective. When turning to a small agency, the words “custom” and “personalized” are thrown around, and people think this translates into “expensive.”

However, you would be amazed at just how much more affordable boutique agencies can be. They don’t have nearly the overhead that larger firms do, so these savings are passed down to clients. Also, you get the best bang for your buck. Every dime counts when you work with the “A” Team because you are always getting highly personalized service and attention. If you don’t like something, you can speak directly to the person who designed your landing page or wrote your content. Heck, you can even speak to the President of the company. Boutique agencies go out on a limb to give their clients the best value for their money.

Shorter Wait Times

In the marketing world, things do take time. Websites can’t be built overnight and content can’t be written in an afternoon. That said, most projects don’t require six months to complete. When agencies make the project their focus, they can knock most of it out rather quickly.

Unfortunately, you’re rarely going to find fast results when working with a large marketing firm. They have a lot of projects taking place and a lot of people to contend to. It’s not uncommon to wait months for projects to be complete, and it’s not uncommon to wait days to hear back with a question or concern.

Boutique agencies operate on a much faster timeline. It’s their priority to give clients individualized attention, so most projects can be started right away, and regular feedback is provided so that clients know how things are coming along.

Also, because there are fewer departments and employees, communication is always ongoing. All someone has to do over here at SEMGeeks is shout over to the next person to get an update. There’s no need to send emails, put in phone calls and wait days just for feedback. Our clients hear from us directly.

Passion, Creativity and Flexibility

Passion and creativity are what boutique agencies thrive on. They know they can’t compete with larger firms in some ways, but they know that when it comes to originality, they’re just as good as the best – if not better.

Not only are the best candidates chosen to work at these smaller firms, but also these individuals get to put their best foot forward at all times. Larger firms are preoccupied with growth and revenue streams. The focus on numbers can erase some of the passion from the job. Small digital marketing firms build their client base on word-of-mouth referrals, so their focus is to wow clients. This translates into beautiful end results that no other company has.

Final Thoughts on Boutique Agencies

In the end, it’s most important that you choose a digital marketing firm that you are happy with. This may be a larger firm that you feel has competitive prices and more resources, or it may be a smaller boutique firm that delivers highly personalized service. All I suggest is that you don’t rule out a boutique agency just for fear that it may cost too much. These smaller marketing firms give you the best value for your money, especially with the passion, creativity and flexibility that comes from everyone on the “A” Team.