I can honestly say that just taking a ton of classes about a subject does not prepare a student to join that industry on a career level. It is not until a student has real, hands-on experience that they become socialized into these industries. I didn’t have a podcasting class in school. I first started listening to podcasts in middle school, but I never thought that I would have the opportunity to create my own. I created a podcast as a final project for my Digital Communication, Information, and Media class. I ended up falling in love with it, so when Semgeeks offered me the opportunity to produce their podcast, I was ecstatic!

I was basically spearheading the project of creating this podcast. Being that I had past experiences with podcasts, I ended up being a big piece to the puzzle. Other companies that I’ve interned for had me doing coffee runs or busy work, but at Semgeeks, I got the hands-on experience that is necessary to learn and understand how to actually create good content. My colleagues did not look at me as just an intern, but a team member who is capable of providing insight and value to the company. Semgeeks gave me the proper tools and equipment to create something great. 

During my time here, I didn’t just learn about podcasting. I learned how all parts of this organization work together to produce superb content for both our clients and our own personal brand. I have developed an understanding of the idea of brand impact as a whole and how the supplemental pieces, such as a podcast, video, and content work together to create that. It is necessary to always continue to grow the understanding of how these pieces each play a significant role in positioning and brand identity. 

I appreciate all that Semgeeks has helped me accomplish. They have allowed my creative mind to blossom, and I now feel ready to tackle corporate America. I have gained not only valuable knowledge, but also strong professional relationships. Being in an environment such as this where they actually care about their interns has allowed me to grow immensely. 10/10, would recommend.