Spam is a word nearly everybody using the Internet is aware of. Whether it’s checking daily emails or logging onto a favorite blog, coming in contact with social media spam is often a daily occurrence. What constitutes as spam? Spam is defined as a disruptive, often repetitive, and unwanted source of messages. With the increasingly popular social media sites, the spam keeps on increasing. For business owners and self-promoters, there is a fine line between spamming and advertising a product. Be aware of these tips to keep from being branded as a spammer:

Engage With the Audience

Nobody wants to be subscribed to someone on a social media site that constantly self-promotes. To avoid being overboard, keep the flow of updates consistent but relative and personable. If the audience isn’t captivated to keep following, business and future followers could be lost. Keep it interesting and fun and don’t post things that have little to no value to the followers. Send messaging back to users that interact with the posts – that way they stay engaged and want to keep following the page. Whether it be a comment like or a “like”, a little goes a long way and keeping the audience involved is one of the most important key points.

Don’t Use Auto-Follower Programs

There are a lot of programs available to “auto-follow” people on social networking sites. When it comes to networking, quality often beats quantity. Social media spam is prevalent in users with over ten thousand followers that don’t necessarily care about their posts. Keep it simple, network through people that are interested in what is being said. Network through other blogs and fan pages to attract similar readers.

Establish a Following on One Website

Instead of creating multiple identities, keep it simple. In order not to look like a spammer, it’s essential that all self-promoting stay on one page as well as businesses. It’s unnecessary to create multiple identities and accounts especially if all the same things are being said. Nobody will want to add the page on their social media site and it will all end up backfiring. If the page has already been made into 5 pages, chances are most people have branded it as spam.


No matter what the goal is in creating a social media site for promotion, business, or personal use – don’t be branded a social media spammer. It’s easy to keep things interesting and interactive without posting repetitive content. Accommodating users on social media is part of growing your  network. What are the best tips or tricks you have found to keep your readers or followers engaged?