Need a few new design ideas for email newsletters? We’ve got you covered! With inboxes quickly filling up, the last thing any person wants is another commonplace newsletter. Fortunately, you don’t need to pour hours of time into creating a new design to win over the hearts of your recipients. Some of the most impressive and eye-catching designs are simple and minimal.

Let’s look at some of our favorite examples of newsletter designs that your audience is sure to love. When done right, you can expect more of your emails to be opened rather than sent to the trash or spam folders.

Jack Daniel’s

Sure, whiskey is a smooth-tasting adult beverage that we love. But that’s not why we enjoy receiving JD’s emails. The company does a great job of keeping subscribers informed of the latest news, which is hard to do in a world where craft beers can capitalize on the seasons. When JD came out with their Tennessee Honey whiskey, they sent out an email to let customers know what the bottle looked like. Another smart detail: they encouraged people to share their thoughts on their Facebook page.


Most people associate Smithsonian with science and history, but there’s plenty more to inspire the senses. Packed with information – including arts and culture, travel, and innovation – it’s amazing that Smithsonian is able to keep their email communications uncomplicated. We appreciate the striking headers, clear venue and date details, and “Register Now” CTA that lets users register for an event.


The FontShop website is bright, colorful and happy, and their newsletters are an extension of this personality. It’s delightful to receive one of their emails, which always contains their signature rounded font. Also, the brand does well with speaking directly to the user, using simple, personalized phrases like, “Hi there!”


TopShop sells clothing, shoes and fashion accessories for women. Those who sign up for TopShop emails are never disappointed. Because fashion changes often, the brand uses this to their advantage. Their emails always contain new, useful information and charming images of their latest product lines. We love how they feature various looks to appeal to their different crowds – moms, corporate women, and singletons – and tie everything into their Shop Now links.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone has maintained its position as a trusted source for the latest music and entertainment news. Although its magazine articles are in-depth and lengthy, the publication keeps its emails streamlined. Open up the newsletter to a list of the latest news, and pick the ones you want to read. This way, you don’t have to dig through articles you’re not interested in. As long as you keep up with the emails, you’ll never miss a thing in the music world.

If you’re getting bored with your newsletter designs, your recipients probably are, too. Subscribe to one or all of the above newsletters to get a feel for what we love about them. Their communications are simple and streamlined but always exciting to have show up in your inbox!