When you need a regular assortment of photos to use in your design projects, stock photos comes in handy. After some time, however, stock photos can get repetitive, especially when you see them being used on other websites.

Fortunately, there are dozens of websites and photography tools that can transform stock photos or help you create your own images. With visuals being such an integral part of any design project, we encourage you to check out 15 of the best photography websites.

15 Top Picks for Photography Websites

1. DIY Photography is a great place to get expert advice on building your own gear. With over 1,200 how-to articles and DIY content from professional photographers, you can save yourself money on an expensive kit and create your own.

2. The Spruce Photography offers hundreds of educational articles on everything related to photos. The content is easy to search through, and covers topics such as how to take pictures in severe weather.

3. 500px was founded by Oleg Gutsol and Evgeny Tchebotarev as a place for aspiring photographers to gain exposure. Connect with other photographers, find inspiration for your work, and view the library that contains over 6 million photos.

4. iPhone Photography School has a simple focus: to help you take better pictures with your iPhone. Not only can you pick up practical tips, but also learn new techniques and editing options.

5. PopPhoto contains a mix of tutorials, news, reviews, and stunning photos that are sure to leave you inspired. The site is constantly updated with videos, articles and images, so leave yourself plenty of time to explore!

6. Digital Photography School was started by Darren Rowse, a digital photography enthusiast. The purpose of this site is to help users get more from their cameras. Aside from the helpful content, the site also has an active forum that’s worth checking out.

7. Picture Perfect is full of encouragement and managed by VICE magazine. If you’re looking to kick back and relax to a few videos from influential photographers, this is the site for you.

8. Strobist has a very distinct focus: to teach users how to use the off-camera flash with their DSLRs. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert looking to take your photos to another level, you’ll find useful tips here.

9. Digital Photography Review is known for being the No. 1 destination for everything related to digital photography. Between the latest news, trends and product information, you can be a smart shopper and photographer.

10. Photography Week is a tablet magazine that has seen tremendous growth since its launching. The articles showcase some of the best photography from around the world, including tips and interviews from international photographers.

11. Foto8 connects documentary photographers with people creating books, magazines, and interactive displays. Foto8 is known for hosting film screenings, talks, and seminars, and is based in London.

12. Digital Camera World is a thorough guide to digital SLR photography. The articles teach tips and tricks for improving digital photos. The benefit to this site is that it’s organized neatly so it’s easy to find information.

13. The Photo Argus is an online resource for photographers – ranging from beginners to experts. This is another website that is neatly organized so you can find what you need quickly, including techniques and inspiration.

14. Camerabag.tv celebrates emerging photographers. Some of the best work comes from aspiring artists who aren’t afraid to test out new approaches and techniques, so be prepared to elevate your photos to the next level!

15. The Modern Tog is a refreshing website that is built for photographers. Learn how to start a photography business, price your images, and get more clients.

As a photographer, you have endless resources at your disposal for improving stock photos or taking your own images. Use them to your advantage to take your projects to the next level – or 10!