Do you use the same mobile device for all of your needs? Probably not. Most users switch from multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, and traditionally, this has created a challenge for both users and marketers since each mobile device has its own platform. With AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, marketers have more opportunities than ever to reach their target audience at the right time, in the right manner, across multiple platforms.

Benefits to Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced Campaigns was rolled out early this year by Google, and there are dozens of benefits to making the upgrade. Thanks to this new structure, businesses can manage the various platforms within the same campaign, giving attention to complex targeting, bidding and ads. There are also advanced reports to measure new conversion rates, such as digital downloads. Additionally, businesses now have the ability to show smarter ads based on the mobile device their target audience is using.

For today ‘s marketers, this is huge stuff. Instead of having to manage multiple campaigns based on the mobile device their audience is using, Enhanced Campaigns simplifies the way we manage campaigns across these devices. Users appreciate this, too, since they can use any mobile device – tablet, smartphone or laptop – and receive optimized ads with the appropriate sitelink, app or extension.

Should You Upgrade?

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns is a fresh idea, so many businesses are still holding out on making the switch. In fact, for some campaigns, it ‘s actually better to wait. For instance, if your company is managing complex campaigns, it will be best to hold off and wait until you start a new campaign to make the upgrade. This is especially true for mobile-specific campaigns that you may not want to merge with other desktop or tablet devices as of yet.

That ‘s not to say that you can ‘t upgrade with an existing campaign in place; although there are certain factors to be aware of. For instance, Google recommends making sure you have access to all AdWords accounts and familiarize yourself with the tools and bid adjustments. If you have mobile-specific campaigns, you ‘ll also find it easier to merge them with desktop-specific campaigns to make the upgrade process smooth sailing.