The introduction of AI technology has been revolutionizing the marketing industry, and you can expect to see even more gains this year as new software empowers companies to utilize data to its fullest capacity. In 2024, you can look forward to seeing new opportunities to make data-driven decisions regarding your company’s marketing plans that allow you to create personalized content and make more accurate predictions.

Our team at Semgeeks prioritizes staying on top of the latest tools and software that we can use to leverage our clients’ brands. As we enter a new year, we’re excited to share our favorite AI advancements that we’ll be incorporating into our projects to lead a true marketing revolution.

Use AI-Powered Tools for Personalization

AI Tools

One of the biggest advancements we’re seeing this year among marketing AI tools for businesses is the ability to use AI data to create highly personalized marketing campaigns. Customer segmentation and hyper-targeting are essential for developing campaigns that attract qualified customers with direct brand messaging.

Currently, Segment, LiveRamp, and Adobe Target are among our preferred marketing AI tools for businesses, and it’s exciting to see how they make it possible to reduce the costs associated with customer acquisition while increasing the returns on ad spending for our clients.

Increase Accuracy With Marketing Predictions

Gathering accurate data for marketing predictions is essential for making strategic decisions. AI tools help to take the guesswork out of data analysis, and marketing attribution models such as Google Attribution and Singular eliminate manual errors while offering real-time optimization that drives efficiency.

Considering that the costs of new customer acquisition tend to be around 25% higher compared to retaining already existing ones, being able to use AI for customer retention can make a significant impact on your company’s marketing ROI. Demand forecasting tools, such as Amazon Forecast, use AI to combine time series data with additional variables that you can share to increase the accuracy of predictions by 50% compared to only using time-related data.

Simplify Content Creation

Crafting creative and informative content remains one of the best ways to connect with your target audience to share insights and your company’s products and services. Yet, writer’s block is a real challenge for human minds. AI-powered writing assistants eliminate this barrier to creating unique content ideas. Currently, Jasper and Rytr are the leading content generators that go beyond simply helping to generate topics and blog ideas along with emails and other written content.

AI-powered writing assistants also include options that allow you to generate content in an array of different languages, which helps your company be more competitive in a global market. You can also use AI to generate personalized content for emails and other outgoing marketing materials that give each customer a unique experience that drives sales.

When it comes to content creation, you’ll also want to explore how AI can help create videos and images that bring your company’s website and social media posts to life. RunWay ML is one of our current favorite video generation platforms, and pairing human creativity with AI abilities gives the best of both worlds for generating visual content that captures your target audience’s attention.

Discover the Conversion Potential of Conversational Platforms

Long gone are the days when encountering a chatbot was enough to send a customer calling for human-provided services. Today, AI technology has made it virtually impossible for customers to recognize a chatbot, and conversational platforms can often outperform humans regarding speed and accuracy.

Intelligent chatbots, such as Drift and HubSpot, can work 24/7 and eliminate the challenges that your company might face with contracted call center schedules. Once a customer connects with an AI-powered chatbot, it can use the information from the conversation to generate leads, book appointments and manage common customer support questions to streamline your business operations.

On top of being able to share information with customers at any time of the day or night, your sales team can wake up to a new list of qualified leads that they can use to meet your company’s goals. Many chatbots can often integrate with other AI-powered software to use information such as existing contact data to deliver highly personalized responses to customers. Suppose a conversation reveals a need for your human-powered customer service team to step in. In that case, the chatbot platform can automate tasks that include generating support tickets and adding users to workflow lists.

Move Beyond the Hype to Achieve More

In recent months, you’ve likely heard lots of information about how AI is being used for data tracking and analysis along with content generation. But, there are even more uses for AI tools than what tends to hit the top news sources. One of the lesser-known ways to use AI is for social listening which allows you to gain more insight into how your company’s brand is being discussed and shared among various social media channels. AI tools are also beneficial for making sure that your company’s content is up-to-date on the latest best practices for SEO optimization to get your website at the top of the search lists.

Considering that nearly a quarter of business owners report being concerned about how AI will impact their website traffic, it’s important to choose to avoid letting fear or a lack of knowledge impact your company. New AI tools offer your business an innovative way to leverage your company’s marketing strategies to lead to new growth in the upcoming year.

Choosing to embrace technology by experimenting with the latest offerings for AI tools is just one of the ways that you can heighten the impact of your company’s marketing plan. Naturally, our team at Semgeeks is also here to help you each step of the way. From answering common questions about our integration of technology to showing you how AI can streamline your current marketing plan, we encourage you to reach out to make sure your company is fully utilizing all of the benefits that AI-powered software offers in 2024 and beyond.