Marketing for an SaaS is inherently more difficult than it would be for many other traditional brands since it tends to have an undefined product and market coupled with high levels of customer churn. 

As such, SaaS companies must implement advertising strategies to retain their customers. 

Increasingly, savvy SaaS companies are leaning heavily on their video content to address this messaging problem, drive their advertising efforts, and target businesses at various stages of the sales funnel. 

This guide explores four Saas video advertising trends you can leverage to inform your ongoing marketing campaign and convert leads. 

#1 Consumers (and SaaS Marketers) Love Video 

Video consumption is on the rise. In 2021, more than 14.6 billion minutes worth of videos were watched. This growth was noticeable across all industries, with audience demand for video content far outpacing uploads. 

Put simply, consumers prefer video. 

It’s their favorite medium for learning about SaaS brands, especially if it’s for educational or informational purposes. That’s why video outweighs other mediums like email, blogging, and infographics as the most popular marketing content format.  

This type of content is also especially popular with younger demographics—namely, millennials and Gen Z—who seek videos for educational and entertainment purposes. Seeing as millennials represent a particularly large consumer demographic for SaaS companies, marketing videos are an easily accessible and easily digestible way to garner their attention. 

#2 Brands Are Going Beyond YouTube  

When it comes to SaaS video advertising, YouTube remains the primary social platform for video content. But it’s not the only one. Over the last few years, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and even LinkedIn have also gained prominence as impactful video content hubs. 

So, instead of simply self-hosting videos, SaaS companies should also consider strategically leveraging a combination of video-sharing sites to maximize views and better target their audience. 

Seeing as each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, you should tailor the content to match the platform and viewer to get the most out of your video advertising efforts.

#3 Consumers Still Prefer Videos that Are Short and Sweet

Whether you’re creating a how-to video, product promotion, or testimonial, the content needs to be engaging. 

Generally speaking, most of your advertising content should be short-form. They’re easier to make, more digestible for the viewer, and more shareable. 

Research has and continues to show that viewer engagement tends to max out after two minutes with a clear drop in engagement following that point. But, if you plan accordingly, that’s more than enough time to make your point before you overstay your welcome. 

For instance, you could use a short video to: 

  • Answer questions related to your industry 
  • Roll out a promotional video 
  • Review a case study
  • Boil down a complicated topic
  • Discuss audience pain points and propose solutions 

That’s not to say that there isn’t a time and place for longer-form content. There is. But when it comes to video advertising, the content ratio should heavily favor the shorter pieces.  

#4 Search Optimization with Video Is Becoming Necessary

Simply posting videos is no longer good enough. With constant competition to be seen and heard, the only way SaaS companies can consistently ensure their videos perform is through applying SEO best practices like:

  • Picking a strong title and description
  • Using transcription services for the video
  • Adding the video to sitemaps
  • Optimizing video URLs  

Additionally, SaaS companies that stand out tend to practice three habits: 

  1. They post videos with a clear purpose driving the content
  2. They consistently post new content to keep viewers engaged
  3. They perform technical optimizations

Semgeeks: Video Marketing for Your SaaS 

Video marketing for SaaS is on the uptrend. To stand out, forward-thinking companies must continue to find creative ways to produce a variety of content that speaks to consumers at all stages of the sales journey.  

Do you need help devising a video advertising campaign that doesn’t simply understand the ongoing trends but capitalizes on them? 

Semgeeks—a premier digital marketing agency NJ—provides video content creation services that include development, production, and campaign management. 

Ready to generate maximum exposure for your Saas Company? Let’s talk.


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