Rolston Nelson was an intern at SEMGeeks and worked with the Businesses Development Team. He is a marketing student at Rider University. See his thoughts on his SEMGeeks experience below!

When I started college, I had a plan to do well in my classes, get an internship that relates to my major, and graduate on time with a full career in my field after graduation. I was doing well in my classes last semester, and I was able to land an internship with Semgeeks. This internship was an experience to remember. My current studies did not prepare me for this internship; I had only a little background information on marketing as a whole. All I learned were textbook definitions from my marketing classes, and I had never dealt with real life situations. Some of the terms that were introduced to me by Semgeeks–PPC, SERP, and so many more–I had never learned in any of my marketing classes. My supervisors took the time to go over general definitions and teach me how Semgeeks utilizes each marketing strategy. I completed their training program to deepen my marketing knowledge, and I was able to apply that knowledge in the real world by attending meetings and working on projects.

When I was first offered an internship here, I thought everyone would be in suits on a daily basis, but Semgeeks is a company that wants you to be comfortable so that you and the company as a whole can be successful in the long run. That does not mean to show up in sweatpants, but you can come in jeans and t-shirt, something to be comfortable in while you are working.

In addition, I was surprised by the setup of the office. From the first day to the last, the entire staff had an open arms policy. I thought when I arrived that they would put me in a small room, tell me to do my assigned tasks, and leave me to work on my own. On the contrary, the office was set up with open spaces where no one was ever blocked off from the office. The comfortable environment helped me maintain focus in the workplace. If I ever had a question I was never afraid to ask, and I asked a lot of questions. Everyone went out of the way to make sure I was aware of what was going on. I was able to be myself; I did not have to pretend to be something I am not, and because of that I was able to succeed.

Although it was only an internship for six weeks, I definitely got a better understanding of marketing. I cannot thank Semgeeks enough for giving me this opportunity. They were able to give me valuable experience with real-life situations that I may come across in my future. I will forever remember and cherish this experience as I continue on my career path.