Q4 is a big one for retail advertisers. In fact, many rely on Q4 holiday sales to account for a significant part of their annual revenue. Luckily, it’s a good time to be in business. Sales are expected to grow 5.1% this year thanks to online and in-store sales growth. We’re finally bouncing back from the recession, and the economy is growing stronger based on higher interest rates, higher durable goods orders and a healthy stock market.

With higher sales predictions and consumers ready to shop, it’s clear that businesses should be motivated to maximize their paid search efforts this holiday season. Need some help getting started? We share a few of our most valuable PPC tips below.

Be Ready to Show Your Ads Early

It’s not an illusion that the holidays start earlier year after year in the big box retailers. Sales numbers support this claim. Shoppers start to research their holiday purchases in October, with the top categories being computers, clothing and toys and games.

So, when is the best time to get your ads out there? I would start showing ads a couple of weeks before Cyber Week, which starts on Thanksgiving and ends on Cyber Monday. Let consumers know what types of promotions you’ll be running and how they can take advantage of the deal.

Post Ads on Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are two of the biggest shopping days. Unfortunately, stock is often limited and people aren’t always to make out like they had hoped. Be ready to post on Cyber Monday. Consumers will continue to shop, and some will be more motivated because they know this is the last day for big savings.

For shoppers who didn’t get what they wanted, they may be more open to purchasing gift cards instead. Last minute shoppers are always looking for gift certificates, especially for general merchandise stores and restaurants. If you can sweeten the deal for gift cards to your store, now is the time to do so.

After the Holidays

The holidays come and go quickly, but avoid taking a break after Christmas. Use this time to upsell and cross sell products that go well with the gifts your customers received. This is a great way to generate business and get rid of extra inventory from the holidays.

Also, remember that many shoppers will be using gift cards to purchase the things they want but didn’t get for the holidays. Make it worth their while to shop at your store. Review your returns policy and make sure your staff is aware of it, too. You wouldn’t want to ruin customer experiences over a policy that is too strict or inconsistent.

The holidays will be here before you know it. Be ready to take advantage of the holiday season and boost your revenue goals with these PPC tips.