At first, writing ads can be fun and exciting, especially with high hopes for new paid search campaigns. Yet over time, writing ads loses its appeal and can leave you with ad fatigue. No matter how tired or bored you are with writing ad copy, digital ads require a lot of attention to keep them fresh and intriguing. You should never just “set it and forget it.”

Let’s discuss a few ways that you can write engaging ad copy that drives conversions – and doesn’t put you to sleep. Now is the perfect time to refresh your campaigns since the holidays are here and conversions are waiting to happen.

Get Personal

With so much noise on the Internet, it can feel like your ad is just another filled spot in a crowded room. This may be true, but use this thinking to your advantage rather than as a letdown. If you know that you’re competing for your customers’ attention, discover ways that you can break through the noise and capture their attention. The best way to do this is by getting personal. Use ad copy that is centered around your customer using words like “you,” “you’re” and “your.” These words can drive up CTR by 65%!

Focus on Customer Benefits

When talking about your product, it’s natural that you want to point out all the features it has. This is especially the case if your company has poured tons of time and money into developing an intuitive product that your competitors lack. While it’s important to have a quick answer for why your product is better than the next, it’s more important in ad copy to focus on the benefits that your product will provide to customers. It’s these benefits that will make a sale.

Satisfy Customer Needs

Data suggests that including “want” in an ad captures attention, but including “need” closes the sale. This is thought to be the case because customers are interested in catering to their wants but they must satisfy their needs. A product that meets a certain need is more likely to influence the buyer. Since these words have the same number of characters, you can easily interchange them for testing to see which one works best for your audience.

Writing ad copy shouldn’t be a struggle, but your campaigns do deserve updates to keep them fresh and engaging. By focusing on the customer and how you can benefit them by fulfilling their needs, your ad copy will be off to a great start.