Pinterest may be widely known for its photos of home cooked meals and arts and crafts projects, but that’s all about to change. In fact, it has been changing for quite some time as Pinterest has been creating a landscape that is conducive to marketers who want a slice of the visual corkboard pie. While “pins” have always been a quick and easy way to share cool ideas with others, it hasn’t been until recently that Pinterest has paired with big brands to offer a better experience.

Some of the newest updates include:

  • Product pins that contain pricing information and available locations for purchase.
  • Recipe pins that include cook time, ingredients and serving sizes.
  • Movie pins that feature cast bios, content ratings and available theater locations.

The goal of these pins is to provide quick, relevant information to users so that they can actually move forward with a desired action, such as visiting a website, buying a product or sharing a recipe with their followers. And, with a short description, there’s enough text to do some marketing. When accompanied by a photo, the pin is a great marketing tool that tells consumers exactly what they can get in just a few clicks.

In addition to clicking on the pin, users also have the option to hit the “Pin It” button and add the pin to their board to share with others. The “Pin It” button is also available on several mobile apps, making it easy to pin wherever you are. Users can also “heart” the pin or click on the “website” button to be directed to the site. With just a few simple clicks, users are on the landing page, and businesses have the opportunity to generate more leads and turn these leads into conversions.

Currently, Pinterest is partnering with websites like eBay, Etsy, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Overstock, Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods Market, among others. Movie sites like Netflix, Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes have also signed on to provide users with more information about new releases.

Pinterest is also taking another important page from the book of modern marketing: location. As a new feature, users can search for boards that have to do with a specific location, providing inspiration for an upcoming vacation or family getaway. These real-person recommendations have the same validity as word-of-mouth accounts and could be a real game changer for local businesses.