Pinterest has amazing opportunities to increase brand awareness, engagement and even sales, but the key lies in having a strong visual presence that makes people want to pin, re-pin and like your boards.

One of the best ways to get people invested in your brand on Pinterest is through a sweepstakes, which is basically Pinterest’s version of a contest. Running a sweepstakes can increase your brand’s visibility, add valuable followers and grow your business. But, there are certain steps all marketers should follow to ensure their success. Here are three.

1. Keep Pins Simple and Original

Pinterest changed its rules awhile back, stating that participants could no longer pin from one specific board. Don’t let that stop the creative juices from flowing. Encourage participants to pin photos of the following:

  • Images from your business website.

  • Images of their favorite products from your brand.

  • Images of how they use your products.

Also, when running a sweepstakes, make it clear how you will choose a winner since you can’t choose one at random.

2. Offer Enticing Incentives to Multiple Participants

When scrolling past your contest, a customer may think, “Wow. I love their product and use it everyday. I should enter.” But, what really gets that person to complete the desired action is the incentive that you’re offering. Participants want to know that what they’re doing is worth their time. Great prizes you can offer include makeover packages, dinner out, free merchandise and exclusive discount codes.

Also, try rewarding as many participants as possible. Not only does this encourage more participants to join, but also it gives your company the opportunity to give away samples of your product.

3. Promote Your Sweepstakes

The final piece to the puzzle is getting your contest out there. Use promotions on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, or try online platforms that allow companies to promote their contests for free, such as When advertising your sweepstakes, be clear about the rules and how a winner will be chosen. Choose creative dialogue and attention-grabbing headlines.

Pinterest sweepstakes are effective strategies for increasing brand awareness and visibility. Whether your budget is small or large, you can launch a successful contest that brings your customers together over the distinct qualities of your brand.

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