There’s a reason why they sell peanut butter and jelly. Together. In the same jar. These two condiments taste great on their own and even better when combined. Is it the blend of sweet and salty that people love? Who knows. The fact is that peanut butter and jelly complement each other so well, it’s hard to talk about one without the other.

PB&J is such a great example of how relationships should work; we feel your marketing and design teams should look up to these sweet, salty condiments. Marketing and design professionals are invaluable assets to your company, but getting them to work harmoniously does not come easy.

Where the Divide Comes In

Marketers are focused on results. If something is working, they’ll do more of it. If it’s not, they’ll move onto something else. Web designers, on the other hand, pay attention to what looks good. However, what performs well doesn’t always look good and vice versa. This is what causes friction in the relationship. The truth is that both sides are right – to an extent.

In a perfect world, your marketing and design teams would listen to and respect each other. They would work toward a design that they all agree on – one that looks good but also does what it’s supposed to. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Communication and collaboration does not happen on its own. You need to make it happen.

Helping Your Teams See Their Full Potential

Imagine design without marketing and marketing without design. Without proper alignment, these two teams would not be effective. Whether they want to admit it or not, these design experts need each other. Period. By working together, the two teams can:

  • Achieve higher goals. Marketers and designers have shared goals, they just tend to view them differently. For example, marketers focus on content, conversions, and funnels. Designers pay attention to hierarchy, emotion, and experience. Communication and collaboration can help define these shared goals.

  • Enrich their careers. It’s 2018 and the line between marketers and designers is as thin as ever. Those who demonstrate knowledge on both sides will be most competitive in their careers. Being open to new perspectives also facilitates strong working partnerships.

To deliver web designs that are intuitive, stunning, and effective, marketing and design must work together. The faster harmony is created between the two teams, the quicker you can satisfy clients and enjoy greater success.