The Perks of Hiring an Outside Firm:

Some headaches can be treated with Tylenol. Others with an outside marketing firm. Deciding to partner with an outside agency isn’t always an easy decision, however. First there’s the cost to consider. Then there’s the worry about whether or not the firm will understand your business. You may also think that you can do things better yourself. With the DIY advice online these days, does it really make a difference to hire an outside firm?

It does. In fact, it makes a world of a difference.

Partnering with an outside marketing firm not only can get your company running more efficiently, make better use of your advertising budget and separate you from your competition, but also it can save you a whole lot of headache. Headache that would otherwise come from wondering how to delegate tasks between Mark in sales and Karen in advertising.

Life is too short to work so hard. Here’s why hiring an outside marketing firm will allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Acquire a Multimillion Dollar Marketing Staff (Without Paying a Million Dollars)

It’s funny how many companies are scared to outsource their needs because of cost. If this is you, it’s time to start thinking differently. Rather than looking at outsourcing as an added expense, think about what it will be saving your company.

For instance, if you hire an agency, you’re bringing on a team of highly qualified professionals with the right experience and skills. These experts have probably even worked with top-tier brands and can carry over the same service to you. Now imagine if you had to build a team like this on your own and pay each person a salary. Or what if you brought them in on a project-by-project basis and had to pay for their services?

The experience and skill level you get with an agency is top notch, and it comes at a fraction of the price than what you would pay for one-time executives to run campaigns. You can also expect cheaper ad costs and software costs, among others. Plus, there’s no long-term contracts to mess with.

Stop the Cycle of Employee Burnout

You may be tempted to have existing employees pick up the slack, but it’s just not worth it. Sadly, some companies try to get around hiring social media personnel, SEO experts and content writers by using their in-house employees to the max. Not only will this burn your staff out, but also it means you’re selling your brand short in almost every way. Just because Daryl is a great web designer doesn’t mean he knows how to put together a search campaign or build an app.

This Huffington Post article put it perfectly: “By going in-house you’ve traded a hospital of cardiologists, neurosurgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists for a live-in general physician (GP). Nothing against GPs, but I don’t want them performing open-heart surgery on me.”

Outsourcing your needs allows you to get the dedicated attention that each task deserves, prevents employee burnout and keeps your marketing efforts consistent.

Show Your Competition Who’s Boss

When you work with a digital marketing firm, you get to take advantage of the latest tools and technology, something that’s hard to do if you rely on yourself. This would mean that you would have to spend hours each week reading, studying and examining the latest advancements in digital marketing. If you have time for that in addition to all of your other roles, then you must not sleep.

A marketing agency’s job is to do all of this work for you. This means that your brand is always moving along with the trends and utilizing the latest technology that makes you more productive, efficient and competitive. Not to mention, the “free” tools that are available online just don’t compare to the ones that can be accessed when you work with a marketing firm. Their premium-level services, software and analytical data reports are superb.

Save Yourself from Sleepy Training Sessions

You have enough training seminars and workshops to sit through and act interested in. Why should you or your staff have to endure any more? If you plan on handling your digital marketing needs in-house however, you will need to keep everyone in the loop by attending extensive training programs on a regular basis. Marketing trends change more than the moon cycles, so you can’t be lazy.

Luckily, a marketing agency takes this headache away from you. What you get is an eager, qualified team of experts ready and willing to work for you. They come well-educated and well-trained, because yes, sitting through training seminars is part of their job.

Better yet, all of this learning and training isn’t something you have to cover. No, we won’t send you a bill for our stay at a hotel or the dinner the marketing team had. It’s important for marketing firms to serve their clients better, and this is just part of the package.

Scale Up Your Marketing Efforts

If you try to scale up your marketing efforts with an in-house team, you’re going to be in trouble. Someone is going to have to work overtime. Attend a training seminar. Dabble in a field they’re not well-versed in. Your campaign may not be efficient or productive. You may not be using the latest tools, leaving you frustrated and annoyed. It’s hard to amp up your efforts when you don’t have the manpower to do it.

Thankfully, you can strengthen your marketing at any time when you work with an outside firm. They have the numbers to do what you want, so all you have to do is the say the word. Need extra content written? A responsive website? A new campaign for the holidays? No problem.


There’s more to hiring an outside firm than just handing some of your responsibilities over. The right agency will take the time to learn about your brand, your competition and the audience you’re trying to reach. They will provide you with an outside perspective that will help your brand find new ways to market itself. All the while, you get experienced professionals that come at one reasonable cost. Awesomesauce.