Along with a brand new year calendar year comes the opportunity to set new goals and make updates to your business—including your digital marketing strategies. Fortunately, 2023 has many revenue-enhancing opportunities in store if you’re eager to adjust to the times.

So, how can you adjust your digital marketing strategy to ensure a prosperous year?

In this article, we’ll provide four tips to help you do just that.

#1 Crush Your Content Marketing With More Short-Form Content

From TikTok videos to Instagram Reels, short-form content has proved that it’s here to stay. These short videos are addictive to watch and easy to produce.

If you want to put out high-performing short-form videos, just follow these steps:

Post once a day – Yes, you read that right. While you may be able to get away with weekly uploads of long-form video content, short-form videos should be posted daily. Short-form content is shared at twice the rate of any other type of content. As a result, posting it more frequently could expedite your growth on social media.

Daily posts may sound daunting, but they don’t have to be—simply batch-create your content according to a schedule that works for you.

Don’t overthink your production value – Short-form content doesn’t have to have 4k resolution or impeccable lighting to perform well. You can simply speak to the camera, throw some text on the screen, and call it a day.

Keep it simple – Short-form videos are short for a reason. They’re meant to communicate concise concepts. You can use your 15- to 60-second videos to share interesting statistics, helpful tips, or funny anecdotes. You can even chop up your long-form content into smaller sections to save time and add this to your digital marketing strategy today.

#2 Tailor Your SEO for Real People

Search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving as Google’s algorithm becomes more advanced. However, rather than focusing on the algorithm, it’s important to keep Google’s end goal in mind: satisfying its users as part of your digital marketing strategy.

In light of Google’s recent helpful content update, you should follow these overarching SEO principles in 2023:

Carefully consider search intent – As you target new keywords, think about what a user would need to find on your web page to leave satisfied, whether that’s an extensive list of FAQs or detailed product pricing and feature information.

Go deep instead of broad – This year, it’s better to beef up your existing web pages with more detailed information than to create several streamlined pages about similar subjects.

#3 Get Savvy With Your Social Media Strategy Using User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful resource you can leverage to build trust with consumers and grow your following on social media. UGC is simply content that other users create about your product, services, or brand.

Luckily, generating UGC is a breeze in 2023. You can do so for free by asking your happy customers to include your hashtag anytime they post about your brand on their social channels. You can encourage more content generation by hosting a challenge and offering a prize for the best post.

If you have some money to invest, you can also browse TikTok’s creator marketplace to find a nano- or micro-influencer that aligns with your brand. This marketplace makes it easy to filter influencers according to your industry and desired audience. Once you’ve found a few nano-influencers you like, you can work out a paid UGC contract together.

#4 Become Omnipresent With PPC

According to the Rule of Seven, it takes around seven touch points to win over someone’s business. The quickest way to clock in these touch points with your target audience is to be everywhere online.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offerings can help you become omnipresent with ease. Their new advertising tool, Performance Max, harnesses AI and machine learning to maximize ad reach. All you have to do is provide Google with your:

Advertising goal
Targeting preferences
Creative materials

Google can then combine your raw creative assets into ads and showcase them on Google Search, Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps, Display, and more. Each ad will be customized to its unique viewer. Thanks to Performance Max’s machine learning component, your campaigns should only become better and more profitable as time goes on.

Scale Up Your Business in 2023 With Semgeeks
With these tips and tricks in your pocket, your 2023 digital marketing campaigns will be off to a strong start. If you need help optimizing them throughout the year, just reach out to the digital marketing experts at Semgeeks.

Our digital agency does it all, from social media to SEO to PPC. We can help you craft comprehensive digital marketing strategy’s that convert.

Are you ready to grow in 2023? Learn more about our digital marketing services today.


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