For those who work in technology and web design, there is a host of new changes to look forward to in 2014. It’s always fun to look back and see what types of web design trends were predicted at the start of the New Year; there are plenty that stick around and plenty that don’t. While it’s still early in 2014, let’s take a look at some of the popular web design trends that we’re seeing emerge.

Slide Out Menus

With more websites looking to cut down on noise and keep leads on track in the buying cycle, slide out menus are increasing in functionality. With slide out menus, you can deliver important information about your business without being distracting. These menus are also clear and concise, allowing visitors to seamlessly navigate your site.

Flat Design

Flat design can also be considered naked design. Basically, the graphics are trimmed down so that the remaining design element offers functionality for the product. Yes, this means getting rid of those once popular 3D graphics and replacing them with flat shapes and indicators. The goal of flat design is to offer a simpler experience for the user while cutting out unnecessary noise.

Variant Typography

Before you think that modern design is too minimal, meet experimental typography. Fonts are getting more creative, and it works because there is less going on in the background. Some fonts are fun and creative, while others are sophisticated and professional. Whatever the choice, you can add a lot of personality to typography.

Smooth Color Schemes

Color will never lose its appeal, but there are always new ways to integrate it. In 2014, watch brands lean toward simple, minimal color schemes that create a bright and clean website. While some popular picks include red, teal and orange, any color is appropriate. The goal is to stick to one background color, include meaningful images and clear text in black or white.

More Videos, Less Copy

With more users enjoying the mobile experience, video content is a great way to share a message in a quick and memorable fashion. That’s why more sites are replacing standard text with interesting and engaging video content. Videos allow brands to impress their audience and share product demos and how-tos. Plus, video content is great for those who want to be entertained rather than having to do the work.

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