Do you promote your products on social media? Are your sales where you want them to be? If you’re like many businesses, you may be seeing engagement on social media, but your sales may still be lacking. That’s why more companies are bridging the gap between e-commerce and social media to boost sales. The intent is to bring back social e-commerce while integrating social sites that users are already comfortable with, such as Instagram and Pinterest. When e-commerce and social media are brought together under one brand, it can have a huge impact on sales.

Below are some of the most effective ways to market your products through social media.

Link Product Photos With Product Pages

Using different services, you can pull your product photos and link them directly to your product pages. Like2Buy is one such service that allows you to partner e-commerce with your established following base on Instagram or Pinterest, for example. Or, try Olapic that offers a platform for republishing user-generated photos within your site.

Both options come with a high price tag, though, so if you’re looking for something cheaper, try creating your own Pinterest-themed website for your e-commerce products. The end result is an easier way for fans to buy the things they want right then and there.

Integrate Collage-Style Themes

One of the reasons why Pinterest is so popular is because it’s like a bright and lively window display. Users enjoy the fact that they can find ideas, look at attractive pictures and organize them into categories of their choice. But, you may find that despite a strong following, you’re not making the money you want to on Pinterest.

The solution? Choose a collage-style theme that lets you create individual galleries. Mix and match your various products and include links to your e-commerce shop. A great theme to try is Sentinell that even allows you to incorporate YouTube or Vimeo clips.

Encourage Customer Feedback

How can you build brand loyalty and make a profit at the same time? By encouraging customer interaction. Customers appreciate when their feedback is heard and valued, and it allows them to feel connected to your brand’s story. Using the Ultimate Modern Magazine WordPress theme, you can curate and spotlight various products from your company and let users rate and review them. You may also advertise your products on a curation site and utilize their technology and traffic.

Incorporate Customer Images

We all know how popular selfies are, so if people are going to take them, why not tag your brand in the process? Plugins are available that pull hashtagged photos into product pages so that other customers can view them. Not only does this generate visibility and engagement, but also it’s social proof that people use and enjoy your products every day.