Working at Semgeeks has been such a rewarding experience. When I entered the workspace, I felt comfortable right away because I wasn’t the only intern. It was comforting to know that I was not the only person learning programs for the first time. From my initial conversation with Martin, a Partner at Semgeeks, I could tell that the employees were open to training inexperienced students. To my surprise, it was a fun, young team of people who are eager to try new marketing strategies and are always open to suggestions from interns. 

Semgeeks also improved my creativity significantly. One of my many tasks was creating content for several clients’ monthly social media accounts. In the beginning, it was quite challenging to create interesting content for users to engage. I found a balance between jokes, industry news, and promotional content from edits that Christina and Aimee made. I found it helpful when they tweaked my original content, giving me examples to improve my work for future social media calendars. Additionally, my design skills have improved immensely while working with Canva by using different colors, text fonts, and other elements to make graphics. 

Lastly, the employees at Semgeeks are willing to share any knowledge that can help you with your career. I am so grateful that CEO Chris Delany gave me advice and potential marketing strategies for my parents’ business. It was beneficial to hear how the industry is changing and what the business needs to do to keep up. Google Analytics and Google Ads are two platforms that I was exposed to through Semgeeks, and I will be able to use the knowledge that I have gained long after this internship. I am pleased to say that I am leaving Semgeeks with a Google Analytics Certification!  I would definitely recommend this company to students of any experience level who are eager and willing to learn more about digital marketing.